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Bui Quynh Hoa made Pharmacist Tien look embarrassed after saying Miss "just needs to be beautiful"

Lan Chi15:17:43 12/06/2024
Talking about the criteria for choosing the new Miss Universe Vietnam 2024, Pharmacist Tien affirmed that the contest organizers prioritize beauty over education, forgetting that the current queen Bui Quynh Hoa once missed the Top 20 because of her limited English skills. It's like a self-destruct phase

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Bui Quynh Hoa has a violent past and is currently in charge of two major beauty contests

Bút Bi15:59:44 11/05/2024
Bui Quynh Hoa is a rare beauty currently holding two domestic and international competitions. After a series of scandals, she shared that she is looking deeper at her shortcomings, thereby striving to learn, improve herself, and work hard every day.

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Miss Bui Quynh Hoa donated clean water to people in the salinity drought area of Ben Tre province

Khánh Huyền13:53:46 01/05/2024
Recently, Bui Quynh Hoa had a trip to visit and give clean water and gifts to people in saltwater drought areas in Ben Tre province. The queen personally carried each 20-liter bucket of water to the people of Thanh Phuoc commune, Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province.

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Miss Eco: Vietnam was upset when they came out of the top, coach Bui Quynh Hoa was severely criticized

Pinky14:01:25 29/04/2024
The final night of Miss Eco International 2024 - Miss Eco International has just officially ended, the representative of Vietnam - runner-up Hoang Kim Chi felt sad when she was not named in the top 21, fans shouted Bui Quynh's name. Flowers, heavy criticism.

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Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name

Phượng Vũ13:55:31 20/04/2024
Miss Supranational has officially returned for the 2024 season, while Vietnam has not yet found a representative to participate, many thousand-blooded warriors from countries and territories have begun to register.

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Huong Giang and Bui Quynh Hoa join the "finding Truong My Lan's treasure" association, fans are excited

Phúc Sen13:32:55 17/04/2024
While the entire social network is buzzing with the trend of going online together, joining the great ocean voyage to find treasure of more than 673 trillion. Then the beauty queen's sister group suddenly heard their names called out, and a series of memes were born.

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Bui Quynh Hoa was coldly treated by her seniors at the event, insiders immediately spoke up

Đình Như14:09:43 16/04/2024
Recently, social networks shared a clip of Bui Quynh Hoa on the red carpet of a movie launch event. Worth mentioning, a series of face-to-face moments between the queen and a Vbiz senior caused a lot of controversy among netizens.

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Khanh Van, Bui Quynh Hoa were carried on the news, salted their faces because they were both expelled from school

Thanh Phúc13:37:10 04/04/2024
People are extremely stirred by a series of images of top queens in Vbiz, suddenly carried by VTC digital channel on the news recently. Accordingly, the educational problems of these beauties were brought to scrutiny.

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Bui Quynh Hoa admitted to being expelled from school, begged for forgiveness, ate broken bricks

Đức Trí09:05:13 03/04/2024
Miss Bui Quynh Hoa and the organizers of Miss Universe Vietnam recently had official information, responding to the audience to the news that the reigning Miss of the contest was expelled from Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema. HCM.

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Miss Khanh Van tried to practice catwalk, still robbed of the Miss Supranational contest?

Hướng Dương17:20:38 01/04/2024
After 4 years of being crowned, Khanh Van suddenly posted a catwalk image on shoes higher than 3 socks, making the online community extremely curious. Will she f.ight any more competitions?

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Rumor has it that Miss Bui Quynh Hoa was f.orced to drop out of school, the reason was surprising

Uyển Đình15:14:45 30/03/2024
The information that Miss Bui Quynh Hoa was f.orced to drop out of the University of Theater and Cinema is causing a stir in the online community. The school also officially spoke about dropping out of school with Miss Universe Vietnam 2023.

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Bui Quynh Hoa made fans boo her for teaching catwalk to international contestants despite her poor skills

Nguyễn Kim15:08:04 28/03/2024
The information that Bui Quynh Hoa was the catwalk trainer for Hoang Kim Chi before the international competition is currently receiving a lot of criticism from the online community. Because before that, the queen once made people boo her because of her unprofessional catwalk skills

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The reigning Miss Universe landed in Vietnam, Bui Quynh Hoa was shouted: Be afraid and hide!

Pinky11:17:53 14/03/2024
The reigning Miss Universe 2023 - Miss Universe World has just announced a business trip to Vietnam. The queen's schedule immediately attracted the attention of many beauty fans. The character being teased is Bui Quynh Hoa, a notorious beauty who once competed with her.

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Bui Quynh Hoa was called out by Nam Em again, accusing her of buying the MUVN a.ward and spending m.oney to whitewash it?

JLO15:02:45 20/02/2024
In a recent livestream, Nam Em said that a beauty queen is a vain celebrity who only knows how to buy houses, cars, take pictures from time to time, and then say she is on a mission, making netizens stir. She even referred to Bui Quynh Hoa.

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Huong Ly won the runner-up position and still went on stage, the reason behind it will be emotional for everyone who hears it

Bình Minh17:37:16 30/01/2024
Even though she has won the prestigious position of the famous beauty arena, Huong Ly still suffers from performing for others. After listening to her sharing, everyone couldn't help but feel moved.

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Bui Quynh Hoa was absent for a long time, it turns out it was to continue to restore her beauty

Khánh Huyền11:25:46 30/01/2024
After a long absence, Bui Quynh Hoa appeared radiantly beautiful in two recent events. However, the highlight that caused public opinion to stir is that her nose is somewhat different from before.

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MU 2024 has just added a new owner and hastily released the schedule, so "sluggish" that only 6 countries registered

Đình Như14:24:06 29/01/2024
The schedule of the Miss Universe 2024 contest was recently unexpectedly released with a full timeline: From the contestant gathering day, to the semi-finals, the national costume contest and the final are all available.

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Trinh Hong Dang: Runner-up with a tumor in her chest, great education defeated Emma Le

Nguyễn Tuyết11:30:55 24/01/2024
At the time of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 contest, while the Tan Miss and the 1st runner-up are familiar faces to beauty fans, the 2nd runner-up - Trinh Thi Hong Dang is an unknown.

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Top 3 Miss Universe VN after 4 months: The beauty queen is "in storage", the runner-up takes a break from the show

Snow13:25:10 21/01/2024
Despite w.inning the highest position at Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, Bui Quynh Hoa almost disappeared from events and was not as active as runner-ups Huong Ly and Hong Dang.

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Quynh Nga resigned as national director of MUVN, Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien took her place?

Bảo Nam17:18:26 19/01/2024
Recently, the official homepage of the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced to fans that Quynh Nga left her position as National Director of Miss Universe Vietnam due to personal reasons.

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The Bahamian beauty gave up her title and denounced the national Miss Universe organizers, exposing the dark side

Trí Nhi16:40:52 11/01/2024
A beauty from the Bahamas, representing this country at Miss Universe 2023, has just shocked the beauty fan community when she directly denounced the organizers of Miss Universe Bahamas, exposing the dark side of the way of working, even She even gave up her title.

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Mai Ngo first revealed the status of her relationship with Bui Quynh Hoa amid the news

Mộc Trà10:16:52 09/01/2024
Despite being in office, Bui Quynh Hoa's activities are considered quite lackluster. Miss Universe 2023 will limit appearances at events, which is in contrast to post-coronation queens at the same time at other pageants.

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Bui Xuan Hanh - Bui Quynh Hoa reveals unexpected connection after noisy coronation

Mưa14:26:44 08/01/2024
For the final night of Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, Bui Xuan Hanh chose a sparkling golden chest cup evening dress and bright red lips to perform. Coincidentally, this layout was once used by Bui Quynh Hoa at the final of Miss Universe

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MUVN 2024 kicks off, Bui Quynh Hoa is invisible, Ngo Bao Ngoc will win if MGVN

JLO11:58:46 06/01/2024
Recently, the official fanpage of the Miss Universe Vietnam contest made beauty fans stand still when opening up about the 2024 season. Accordingly, this side shared an image introducing the manufacturer, with the status line Coming soon.

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