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The most 'fighting' Miss Universe of all time, confronting the president right during her term

Phi Đức14:07:08 20/03/2024
Paulina Vega is probably the queen most mentioned by the media during her tenure because of her harsh statements, fights, and arguments with the pageant's chairman at that time - Donald Trump.

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Paulina Vega: 'youngest daughter' of Donald Trump, the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time

Khánh Huyền20:54:07 13/03/2024
Paulina Vega was crowned Miss Universe 2014. She is considered the queen with the most beautiful face and b.ody in the competition's history. Not only her beauty and intelligence, but beauty fans also remember her because of the noisy war of words between her and Donald Trump.

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Miss Universe's "Four Great Gentlemen", where did this "notorious" title come from?

Mẫn Nhi11:15:10 22/01/2024
The four gentle souls are the loving names that Miss Universe fans have for the top 4 queens with the gentlest personalities in the competition's history. These girls are all beauty queens under Donald Trump. Although they have strong personalities, their beauty and talent are truly unmatched...

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Controversy over the most beautiful Miss Universe in history, the deposed queen ranks high

Vân Anh16:24:41 07/01/2024
Miss Universe is always rated as the top beauty contest. There are even many beauties who have been crowned in the other big arena, accepting to give up the crown to try again with Miss Universe.

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Miss Universe 2014 was accused of "hypocrisy" by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years?

Phương Thảo16:22:48 06/01/2024
Although she was the last queen under Donald Trump, the beauty from Colombia was considered a hypocrite by the owner of the pageant. Paulina Vega was also not to be outdone when she strongly condemned the former US president's statements.

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