The most "gentle" queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters

Phương ThảoJan 04, 2024 at 17:02

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Amelia Vega, a beauty from the Dominican Republic who was crowned Miss Universe 2003, was named the "gentlest" queen in the history of the pageant. What makes this beauty a legendary name that the audience easily remembers every time it is mentioned?

Possessing a "huge" height of 1m88 and a lovely and charming beauty, Amelia Vega became a prominent contestant right from the beginning of the contest. The Dominican Republic beauty has talking eyes, a charming mouth and, most impressively, a beautiful smile. With her strong b.ody, long legs and skillful, eye-catching performance, Amelia Vega always stood out on the stage of Miss Universe 2003.

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 1

She is the tallest Miss Universe of all time and has also been named in the list of the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time many times since her coronation.

First, there were rumors that Amelia hadn't competed yet but had confidently declared herself Miss Universe, mocking the other Latino contestants that they could leave because the winner was herself anyway. She mocked the fat Icelandic contestant, hitting her Spanish roommate for taking pictures of the contestants when they first woke up.

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 2

Even when Amelia Vega was crowned Miss Universe 2003, not many contestants came to congratulate her. After the broadcast ended, the Venezuelan 1st runner-up was held up by the contestants as if to show that she was the one who deserved to win the title, not Amelia.

After her coronation, Amelia was also plagued by some rumors of an overbearing attitude towards her colleagues. However, this information has only been spread on a few forums and there is no official evidence to confirm that it is true.

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 3

After completing her tenure as Miss Universe, Amelia Vega worked for Telemundo, as a host on Voces de America. She also released music albums and dabbled in the clothing business...

In 2011, Miss Universe married basketball player Al Horford - a person 2 years younger than her. Al Horford is a compatriot of Amelia Vega. The couple had a romantic wedding in their hometown. The special thing is that Al Horford also owns a 'huge' height of 2m08, so the two are very beautiful sometimes appearing at events.

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 4

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 5

The romance of Amelia Vega and his wife received the admiration of the public. She often shares many touching articles about her husband. The beauty is also said to be 'c.razy' about her husband excessively when she often shares pictures of her husband's matches on social media.

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 6

In 2015, the "gentlest" Miss Universe in history gave birth to her first son. The appearance of 4 other children then made her marriage even more consummated.

The youngest b.aby was born by her in 2022. The birth of a young daughter made many people also express surprise, because in the past 7 years, the beauty of the Dominican Republic gave birth up to 5 times, the children were "enough to be boring enough".

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 7

Miss Universe 2003 has been in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021, 2022 respectively.

Despite having passed 5 births, the beauty of the beauty known as "Miss Universe the most beautiful" is still salty and charming as if it has really been forgotten by time.

In recent years, one of the representatives from the Dominican Republic that impressed the beauty audience the most was the 2nd runner-up Miss Universe 2022. She is also remembered for her extremely outspoken, interesting personality. After "defeating" at the hands of Miss USA, the beauty affirmed: "If I wore the USA sash I would probably win." It can be seen that the beauties from this country are not only beautiful, talented, full of bravery but also have extremely impressive statements, although the beauty contest is extremely strong.

The most gentle queen in Miss Universe history, the end of her 7-year term gave birth to 5 litters - Photo 8

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