Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially "goes to war", Vietnamese fans head to Poland

Trí NhiJun 17, 2024 at 10:48

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Vietnamese beauty fans are unanimously heading to Poland with beauty Lydie Vu, as she recently officially set out to represent her country at Miss Supranational 2024. Fans yearn for the first crown.

On the evening of June 16, Vietnam's representative at Miss Supranational 2024 (Miss Supranational) - Lydie Vu was officially present at Tan Son Nhat airport, to leave for Poland, starting the journey to conquer the world. his crown. With the current investment and self-improvement of the French beauty, fans are extremely confident that she will bring good results to Vietnam.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 1

Lydie Vu beamed at the airport, leaving for Poland to compete.

Present at the airport, actor, producer Truong Ngoc Anh, Miss Lan Anh, runner-up Huong Ly, director Nguyen Hung Phuc, designer Thuong Gia Ky, stylist Diep Linh Chau,... along with many friends, Fans were present to cheer her on. Lydie Vu was extremely emotional before the moment of farewell. She choked up because she had received so much precious love, using it as motivation to try her best at the competition.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 2

The beauty brought a lot of luggage and full dresses to participate in Miss Supranational 2024.

Huong Ly is the queen who caused a storm at the airport when she came to cheer up Lydie Vu. Specifically, before Lydie Vu went inside to check in, runner-up Huong Ly was also present at the airport to say hello. It is known that the runner-up just finished her performance at Vietnam International Fashion Week and rushed to the airport to be on time. Both emotionally hugged each other and burst into tears.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 3

Runner-up Huong Ly was present to support Lydie Vu.

Previously, when officially announced as the representative face of Vietnam at Miss Supranational 2024, Lydie Vu spent all her time focusing on practicing skills to enter the journey of conquering this beauty arena. She received a lot of support and companionship from her seniors such as Hoang Thuy, Ha Anh,...

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 4

Country Director Truong Ngoc Anh has high hopes for Lydie Vu in this journey.

On her personal page, Lydie Vu also updated her hard training moments with her two seniors. The Western beauty also sent her deep thanks to both of them for taking their valuable time to guide and train her "sprint" before the Miss Supranational 2024 contest. Lydie Vu shared, before starting During class sessions with Ha Anh - Hoang Thuy, she practiced alone and set very clear goals for herself.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 5

Lydie Vu next to her close sister An Chi (left), a member of the team who accompanied her on her journey to Miss Supranational 2024.

In the latest post, Lydie Vu expressed her sincere gratitude to teacher Ha Anh: "Send a deep thank you to Ms. Ha Anh for taking the time despite her busy work schedule. Before meeting her Then, I started practicing my interview skills on my own. I wasn't sure I would compete for a competition, but I wanted to be a better speaker for my charity project I have to perfect my speaking skills in front of the camera and the public.

Although I prepared and organized my ideas myself, her coaching was essential to make my speech clearer. From there, my message will be more effective and influential."

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 6

Miss Lan Anh came to cheer for her close friend.

Besides, deep thanks to Ha Anh. Lydie Vu also received a lot of love from the public when affirming that participating in the Miss Supranational contest is no longer a personal ambition but represents the spirit and pride of Vietnam.

"Not long after that, I was given a great opportunity to represent Vietnam on the international stage. This opportunity made me determined to learn more, because I was no longer representing myself. and my personal ambitions, but also the Vietnamese people and its strong values: Solidarity, Hard work, Heroism, and compassion for the people," Lydie Vu confided.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 7

Miss Supranational is an international beauty contest that has taken place annually in Poland since 2009, run by the World Beauty Association based in Panama. According to the rankings of two beauty websites Sash Factor and Missosology, Miss Supranational is considered one of the biggest beauty contests globally.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 8

Vietnam has also made a strong mark at Miss Supranational in recent years, when it reached the top 5 for two consecutive years. With Kim Duyen's 2nd runner-up achievement in 2022 and Dang Thanh Ngan's 4th runner-up in 2022, 2023.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu officially goes to war, Vietnamese fans head to Poland - Photo 9

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