Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned

Bảo NamJun 06, 2024 at 16:05

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Recently, the beauty website Vcrown released a table predicting the results around the Miss Supranational 2024 season. Accordingly, Lydie Vu is said to have all the elements to be crowned the highest.

Notably, the "fighting chicken" of Miss Supranational 2024 is the South African beauty who is suddenly predicted to stop at the 2nd runner-up position.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned - Photo 1

Each position in the top 10 under the evaluation of the Vcrown beauty website is: Vietnam, Czech Republic, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Curacao, India, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Indonesia.

This is considered a good signal for Lydie Vu at the upcoming Miss Supranational 2024 journey. Not only that, the "catching the eye" of the international beauty website also partly helps the beauty increase her motivation.

In the previous hotpicks of 2 other beauty sites, Lydie Vu was also ranked in a quite impressive position including the top 5 - 6 finalists.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned - Photo 2

In just a few days, Lydie Vu will depart for Poland to conquer the Miss Supranational 2024 crown. At this time, she is receiving a lot of support from Vietnamese fans.

Lydie Vu has now officially competed in two sub-contests around the framework of the contest through the online form. First, the beauty participated in Supra Chat with many other beauties in the 10th smallest group. This contest has been completed but has not yet been announced by the Miss Supranational pageant.

In addition, to warm up for the 15th season, the organizers have posted a set of portrait photos of the contestants. Lydie Vu of Vietnam is highly appreciated for her arrogant and humble charisma on the Miss Supranational homepage. Her photo received a lot of likes, comments as well as shares.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned - Photo 3

In the photo, the French hybrid beauty wears a soaring yellow dress with a bold cut, her hair is slightly curly. Her tanned brown skin immediately attracted the opposite person. According to a beauty website, the photo of the Vietnamese representative is ranked at the top of the list and is the most attractive photo.

In second place is the representative of Ecuador, the third place belongs to the representative from Japan. Although this voting result does not say anything about Lydie Vu's achievements, it is a signal that empowers her to firmly enter the battle with the spirit of b.lood.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned - Photo 4

Although this is the first time to bring the bell to f.ight the country, Lydie Vu is the g.irl who reassures everyone. From her performance skills, b.ody to her English level is quite perfect. With all the trust of her hometown, hopefully she will help Vietnam have the first Miss Supranational crown.

Vietnam's best achievement at this beauty front is held by Kim Duyen. She was crowned the 2nd runner-up in the 2022 season.

Lydie Vu was born in 1993, 1m76 tall, 3 round measurements are 83 - 62 - 93cm. She is a hybrid beauty with a Vietnamese mother and a French father. Lydie Vu is known to the public when she reached the top 6 finalists. The beauty impresses with her sharp face, glossy brown complexion and charming b.ody. Besides, Lydie Vu also owns an impressive profile, can speak fluently in 4 languages: Vietnamese - English - French and Spanish.

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned - Photo 5

Lydie Vu once caused a stir with her journey of "fighting" breast cancer, inspiring women who are suffering from health problems.

At the age of 20, Lydie Vu was diagnosed with chronic stomach disease, which caused her to fall into depression. However, with her own strength and the encouragement of everyone around her, she overcame it.

Talking about the reason for choosing Lydie Vu to go to the Miss Supranational contest, Truong Ngoc Anh said: "We are looking for girls with passion, dedication and enthusiasm for social projects in addition to physical beauty. Because this is a long-term commitment to create positive and sustainable change.

I see in Lydie Vu the image of a g.irl who respects differences, respects herself and believes and originality in each person.

In particular, she has the ability to convey inspiration and positive energy to people

Miss Supranational 2024: Lydie Vu received good news, predicted to be crowned - Photo 6

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