Minh Hang sent a message to the businessman husband 1 week before the super wedding: "Today I would like to be your wife to protect you for a day"

Minh HàJun 11, 2022 at 22:26

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The information about Minh Hang's wedding is always very interested by the audience. Recently, the Sweet Trap actress happily sent a touching message to her businessman husband.

Only 1 week left, the super wedding of Minh Hang and her rich husband will take place on June 18, in Ho Tram, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, with about 300 guests attending, who are artists and friends. close friends of the bride and groom. She also gave rules for guests to the wedding such as: Wear the correct dresscode, Arrive early and leave late, Do not wear high heels and Do not bring children, ... making people pay attention.

A few minutes ago, Minh Hang posted a long letter about her upcoming big day. Accordingly, she told about the long process from choosing a venue, choosing a wedding dress and many other stages. The beauty also expressed her desire for the wedding through 3 factors: "complete, harmonious, and thoughtful". The singer admitted that she felt pressured, but was not tired when preparing.

Specifically, the beauty shared: "Save the best for the end. The countdown only has 1 week left to enter a new chapter of her life, even though it is in the sprint stage, but Minh Hang still wants to spend it. Just this post to send a couple of lines of love to the loved ones who have followed me all the time. Like many girls, when standing in front of the door of marriage, two hearts come together in the same house. I hope every detail in the wedding, even the smallest, will bear the imprint of both of them, just like the way you and I have created love together. And Minh Hang also understands that this wedding would not be complete without the sharing and blessings of family and close friends. Therefore, this important event must be "full, harmonious, well groomed" for the bride and groom, and all guests in attendance.

From the journey to find the wedding dress of your dreams. When I was a c.hild, the day when I only knew how to mess around but didn't know what love was, but I saw on TV that the bride was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress and then arranged to play the wedding game. The g.irl then "shy" walked into the hall in her imagination, although only with a white scarf wrapped into a long skirt and accented with a pair of wildflowers on the side of the road, she was also aware that her b.ody has to be very special. And the wedding dress is the first thing for the bride.

As time passed, the g.irl today stood at the door of marriage, and I started the journey from the South to the North to find the wedding dress of my dreams, with so many prestigious designers. I had the most expensive and gorgeous dresses, but I couldn't find a match. During those sleepless nights, I woke up to that stereotypical dream and redefined the dream wedding dress. That treasure is not in the sky-high price, but in the suitability. I want to wear a dress that makes my heart race and lose my temper like all the brides out there. That treasure, like the man walking beside you, must be the most suitable for your future life."

Minh Hang sent a message to the businessman husband 1 week before the super wedding: "Today I would like to be your wife to protect you for a day" - Photo 1

Minh Hang shows off a wedding photo frame with a businessman husband.

In addition, the actress also emphasized that the wedding is respected for privacy, not the work of the press. "To a fulfilling life event, with its own stamp and shared joy. I want you to decide all the things you want for our wedding. Blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, and The sun is soft, just like my childhood dream. It is not necessary to hold a wedding according to the "model", because the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception are not only personal events but also a period of time. together of loved ones, sharing the joy and love journey of the two of us.

The pressure is there, but if you ask me, will I be tired if I prepare? My answer is no. I enjoy every minute of being able to prepare everything myself. Because surely no one will understand your desires better than you. And most importantly, I have balanced so that this big day can be radiant and worry-free. On my happy day, everyone comes to celebrate, so I also want to make everyone happy. This wedding party will have small surprises with a big heart, thoughtful preparation from food to sleeping place, being immersed in the murmuring waves so that everyone can always be overwhelmed with emotions and give their best together. .

And finally, privacy is the necessary respect. I often tell him that thank you for plucking up the courage to love an artist. Since the official announcement of the information, many times his name is in the top keywords of Google Search. I'm artist Minh Hang, but my family, friends, and guests are not artists, so information security is what I try to do for him.

Through this post, I would like to announce that my wedding will take place with respect to the privacy of all guests. There will be no press during the ceremony. And the official information will be shared by me with my dear audience right after the event. We hope everyone understands and sympathizes with Hang in this event. this event. Forever remember the love that everyone has for artist Minh Hang. Hang only asked to stand out for a day as a "wife" to protect her husband. Thank you very much everyone for your precious love, care and love for Minh Hang's happy day," the beauty added.

Minh Hang sent a message to the businessman husband 1 week before the super wedding: "Today I would like to be your wife to protect you for a day" - Photo 2

Minh Hang wishes the wedding to be respected in privacy. She also said that she "becoming a wife" for one day to protect her husband.

Minh Hang sent a message to the businessman husband 1 week before the super wedding: "Today I would like to be your wife to protect you for a day" - Photo 3

At the end of the post, the actress also sent a sweet message to her fiancé: "Today I would like to be your wife to protect you for a day. The rest of the days, I will carry you, husband."

Minh Hang sent a message to the businessman husband 1 week before the super wedding: "Today I would like to be your wife to protect you for a day" - Photo 4

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