Min "exfoliated" Rosé (BLACKPINK)'s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans?

Hướng DươngApr 12, 2024 at 21:33

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Recently, Min had the opportunity to meet Rosé ( BLACKPINK) in person in real life. She couldn't hide her excitement, and even entertained fans with cam photos that often made everyone "sit still".

In recent days, huge stars like Rosé, Hua Quang Han, Kim Da Mi, Min and Gray D have attracted public attention and attended Tiffany & Co's event in Tokyo (Japan). On their personal pages, the two Vietnamese stars continuously update their activities here and the singer born in 1988 receives a lot of attention.

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 1

During the 2 days of the main event, Min scored points with her neat appearance and impressive fashion style. The female singer is also extremely friendly when taking pictures with a series of international stars.

The moment she met Rosé (BLACKPINK) in real life, she couldn't hide her joy and excitement and treated her fans to a photo that clearly revealed the beautiful, radiant visual of the female idol even though it was only taken with a regular phone camera. phone.

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 2

After that, Min also tagged Rosé in the photo she posted on her personal page, and expressed her desire to meet the famous female idol one day soon through the caption: "Hope to see you next time (roughly translated as Hope to see you next time)".

It's easy to see that Rosé has harmonious facial features, bright skin and hair even though the photo taken by Min was blurry, blurry and in low light conditions. When looking at the photos posted by the "Australian rose" herself on her personal page, most viewers commented that she has a face with "no dead corners".

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 3

It's understandable because since ancient times, Rosé has been loved by many audiences for her doll-like beauty, admirable height, and signature blonde hair that has been meticulously cared for for many years.

Currently, the female idol born in 1997 is focusing on developing her personal career in many different fields. In contrast to the sisters who are preparing to run their own companies, main vocal BLACKPINK has not yet made any moves on this issue.

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 4

Returning to Min, the female singer's appearances abroad in recent days have made many viewers jealous. The fact that she was able to meet Rosé with many foreign stars made the public admire and admire her even more. However, there is something wrong with the image taken of herself through a regular camera and the photo she posted herself.

Accordingly, when filming clips or taking selfies, even though her appearance is somewhat different, the female singer's overall beauty still gives viewers a feeling of harmony. Until the singer Above Friendship Under Love later posted a sharp photo, netizens were surprised because her facial features were somewhat less natural.

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 5

Facial details such as the straight nose and tiny face make Min look strangely stiff. Many opinions say that the image the female singer shared on social media was overly photoshopped. Many fans expressed their opinion that she didn't need to edit her photos too much to be attractive.

This is not the first time Min's beauty has received a lot of controversy from the online community. Previously, the daily life images the female singer posted on her personal page also attracted a lot of discussion. Many people also question the increasingly strange appearance of the voice of Yes Em Cho due to excessive "plastic surgery".

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 6

Min was born in 1988, is a female singer loved by many young people when she was a member of S.T319 Entertainment. Possessing a sweet voice, she quickly caught the public's attention through a series of hits such as: Search, Always With You, Remember, ...

Since 2016, Min has officially been active as a solo artist and made his mark with quality music products such as: Yes I Wait, Kiss Me, Stab Your Head For Love, Coffee...

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 7

At one point, the female singer was questioned about dating rapper 16Typh after the two had an intimate act right on the final stage of "Rap Viet" season 1. The couple also continuously had posts that were said to be "" flirting with each other on social networks, even exchanging sweet gestures on stage and being questioned about living in the same house. But despite all the rumors, they have never spoken out about their relationship.

Min exfoliated Rosé (BLACKPINK)s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans? - Photo 8

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