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Blake Lively, Pharrell Williams pro-Rosé, the most beautiful star in the world

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:43:45 04/05/2024
At a fashion event taking place in the US recently, many global celebrities attended. Here, Rosé's duel with the world's most coveted beauty and famous singer Pharrell Williams immediately took the internet by storm.

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BLACKPINK's Rosé was born, shelving her music career because of her powerful new identity

Nguyễn Kim09:43:16 01/05/2024
In recent years, fans have witnessed Rosé have a clear transformation in fashion style. Therefore, recently, the Australian rose became one of 13 guest judges at a French fashion a.ward. .

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Rosé is as beautiful as a "living doll", her beauty improves without the need for "plastic surgery" thanks to this

Châu Anh11:46:48 17/04/2024
At a recent event, Rosé showed off her stylish fashion sense and bold yet sophisticated style. With recent events, the female singer has continuously worked hard to change her hairstyle, bringing different, new and unique images.

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Min "exfoliated" Rosé (BLACKPINK)'s beauty through ordinary oranges, did she disappoint her fans?

Hướng Dương21:33:49 12/04/2024
Recently, Min had the opportunity to meet Rosé (BLACKPINK) in person in real life. She couldn't hide her excitement, and even entertained fans with cam photos that often made everyone restless.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) "revealed" the story of "Duk Sun" Hyeri intentionally approaching her for friendship

Thiên Di06:48:14 12/04/2024
Referring to the special friendships of Korean showbiz, we must mention Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Hyeri (G.irl's Day). They often appear together on social networks and several variety shows.

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Rosé has a post-YG comeback, fans who heard it suddenly "turned" to criticize?

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:02:53 05/04/2024
After a period of silence in music, recently, Rosé (BLACKPINK) has officially reappeared to delight fans. However, then netizens suddenly expressed their frustration with this comeback of the Australian rose.

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Rosé promoted see-through clothes from the French fashion house, taking the spotlight at the Pre-Oscar party

Hoa Tuyết17:25:25 10/03/2024
Rosé is a rare Kpop artist to appear at the pre-Oscar party honoring Oppenheimer. Here, the female idol continues to make the online community infatuated with her visual.

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"Spider-Man's girlfriend" Zendaya "slashes" Rosé, the BLACKPINK goddess is too bland

Châu Anh11:25:59 10/03/2024
With goddess-like beauty and excellent weighing ability, Rosé attracted attention at the pre-Oscar party held in Hollywood. However, the Australian rose was overshadowed by Zendaya's cutting.

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Rosé was suddenly called out by a big character and still scored points thanks to this action!

Hoa Tuyết14:05:56 29/02/2024
After participating in Saint Laurent's show, within the framework of Paris Fashion Week, world-famous supermodel - Kate Moss suddenly shouted Rosé's name, attracting the attention of many people.

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Rosé wears a see-through outfit that burns all eyes, completely opposite to Jisoo

Nguyễn Tuyết16:32:44 28/02/2024
Rosé's appearance at the Saint Laurent show quickly caused a stir on social networks because she was so attractive. She wore a bold, see-through outfit, but was still no less elegant.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) continuously received "good news", the moment with a Samsung member's photo frame caused a stir

Phi Yến14:34:01 12/12/2023
The fan community couldn't help but feel proud when Rosé was praised by Rolling Stone Australia and New Zealand magazines. They call her one of the best performers in the entertainment industry today.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) revealed that her family opposed her career and had to do this to convince her parents.

Bình Minh15:39:53 27/11/2023
As the main vocalist of a famous music group, she broke many records when working solo, but few people know that Rosé was once prevented from becoming a singer by her family. The reason her family opposed her pursuing a career was also revealed.

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BLACKPINK did not disband like 2NE1, the new "landing point" of the 3 members leaving YG Entertainment was revealed.

Nguyễn Tuyết16:52:19 24/09/2023
Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa's new destination is currently being hotly discussed on Kpop forums. Regardless of the girls' decision, Blinks still believes that the group will not disband.

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