Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent

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Recently, famous royal expert Tom Bower wrote an article analyzing Meghan Markle's unusual reaction when her husband's stepmother was chosen as the next Queen when Prince Charles ascended the throne.

The Queen's historic announcement of the selection of a new queen on the 70th anniversary of her reign has received much support and acclaim from the public. However, Meghan and Harry have absolutely no response to this information.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 1

Days after the Queen's announcement, Harry appeared on an online video call to praise the legacy of his mother, the late Princess Diana, and insist he would continue in her mother's unfinished path. According to writer Tom Bower, this is a deliberate act of the Sussex family. Many sources say, Harry still cannot accept that Camilla will sit in the noble position that his mother should have inherited.

Expert Tom Bower said that Meghan's silence was her way of "declaring war" on Camilla and the British royal family. Many inside sources confirmed that Meghan never liked her husband's stepmother and of course Camilla was not interested in this daughter-in-law. Tom Bower, who has been called "Britain's scariest biographer" says Meghan and her mother-in-law Camilla seem to be polar opposites. Both of these women do not have anything in common, which makes the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law even more distant.

Expert Tom Bower analyzed, Mrs Camilla is a person who always talks "based on reason" and "does not accept nonsense", while Meghan is "a fashionista who always aspires to fame". Therefore, both of them disliked each other even though they lived together in the royal family. The Duchess of Cornwall is said to find it hard to believe that Meghan would accept to sacrifice her career and her freedom to quietly serve the monarchy as the royal bride. By experience, Mrs. Camilla is said to be smart enough and sharp enough to know Meghan's true nature.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 2

Camilla has never taken advantage of her relationship with Prince Charles to profit, but Meghan is the opposite. Meghan held a lavish wedding at Windsor and then turned to lament and criticize the British royal family. Meanwhile, the former American actress is famous for being self-centered, not paying attention to other things, so it's easy to see why Meghan never wanted to get close to her husband's stepmother. Many experts assert that Meghan has no intention of returning to the royal family, so her comfort against her husband's family is easy to see. Meanwhile, Camilla has just received a positive result and was confirmed to have Covid-19 for the second time after Prince Charles was informed of this infectious disease on February 10. The royal couple is being monitored for their health during the isolation period, and did not comment on the reaction of the Sussexes.

Not stopping there, b.ody language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas continued to "unmask" the duchess's less-than-subtle behavior during an event in the presence of the Queen of England and a series of other royal members. . Meghan's reaction left Harry confused, unsure of what to do. Accordingly, on March 5, 2019, Queen Elizabeth II held an event at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles being crowned Prince of Wales. Expert Jesus Enrique Rosas analyzed the moment the entire royal family walked into a room to view the memorabilia there.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 3

The Meghans were seen waiting at the door, when Prince Charles appeared and chatted with the Sussexes despite Harry signaling him to come in first. According to expert Jesus, the reason Prince Charles deliberately lingered outside was because he waited for the Queen of England to appear and let her take the lead, obeying the hierarchy. However, when he discovered that his daughter-in-law Meghan intended to enter right after the Queen, he turned around and reminded the Duchess to stay outside. Prince Charles used his index finger to signal Meghan to stop.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 4

At this point, Meghan's face twisted and showed an unhappy expression. Mr. Jesus said that Meghan and Harry need to wait for the Queen of England, Prince Charles and the Cambridges to enter first before they follow because the Sussex family is the lowest rank.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 5

Even so, Meghan still moved but a little slower while Harry appeared confused, not knowing what to say to his wife. The Duke of Sussex should have been the one to proactively remind Meghan of the family rules. However, he did not dare to do anything, causing Prince Charles to remind him.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 6

The Jesus expert also analyzed the moment when the Duchess and Kate appeared behind Camilla entering, Meghan glanced at her sister-in-law with unfriendly eyes. When everyone entered the room, Meghan chose the best position for the camera to capture her. She has no interest in the activities of other members of the royal family.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 7

Soon after, Meghan and her husband moved to another place, right in front of the Queen of England, they were judged as showing disrespect to their grandmother. It can be said that, at the time, having been a royal bride for a year, but it seems that even the most basic rule to respect elders and the head of the family, Meghan did not want to understand or follow. . Many internet users have expressed disgust at Meghan's behavior as well as Harry's passivity in this case.

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 8

Meghan Markle "declared war" bitterly when her mother-in-law became queen, making the British Royal family silent - Photo 9

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