May Bae reappears after a noisy "little tam" raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it?

Bút MàuMay 29, 2024 at 10:31

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After a scandal in her personal life, May Bae reappeared and chose the TikTok platform to cover popular songs and interact with the audience. After nearly a year of construction, her personal page has more than 2.6 million followers, with many videos reaching tens of millions of views.

To mark this milestone, student Duong Khac Linh is determined to perform the May's Back music night, with guest Felix Tien Quang. In addition, the program also had the participation of Duong Khac Linh and his wife - Sara Luu, Duong Yen Ngoc, Kieu Thi Thuy Hang...

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 1

During the music night, May Bae performed more than 20 songs. These are all famous songs that have been covered by the 23-year-old singer and received support from the audience. After this anniversary concert, she plans to return to the professional music stage and launch her own products. According to May Bae, she was lucky to receive support from musician Duong Khac Linh on this journey. "He always creates conditions and constantly reminds me to always pursue my musical dreams," she expressed.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 2

Talking about the change compared to the time of The Voice Kids 2015, May Bae affirmed that it is the musical mindset. The singer from Quang Nam is ready to open his heart to learn more things to improve himself. "Each person will have a different view of me. When an audience loves and understands me enough, they will have a different view than someone who just knows me. Whether it's a TikToker or any other name, it doesn't matter. ", she added.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 3

May Bae's real name is Thai Thi Ha Vy. She once attracted attention when performing the song See You Again at the 2015 Vietnamese Children's Voice show. At that time, the 14-year-old g.irl impressed with her pretty appearance and singing voice. Super high. The singer from Quang Nam became a student of musician Duong Khac Linh and was taught enthusiastically by him during the competition. Even though she had to stop before the semi-finals, May Bae left a lot of impression on the audience.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 4

After The Voice Kids 2015, May Bae decided to leave Quang Nam to Ho Chi Minh City to study and pursue singing. She lives with her brother, also a young singer. Every day, the two sing at venues, small stages or wedding parties. During the Covid-19 epidemic, student Duong Khac Linh tried his hand at being a streamer.

At the end of 2023, May Bae caused a stir when she was "accused" of being a "third person", having an affair with a man named N. who had a wife and 4 children. Accordingly, Ms. H. (the wife in this story) spoke up and specifically named the female TikToker as the person who interfered in her marriage. According to Ms. H., the total amount of m.oney her husband provided to May Bae during the time they were dating was 350,000 USD, equivalent to about 8.5 billion VND.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 5

After that, May Bae officially spoke up to explain after 2 weeks of silence. The female TikToker admitted her mistake because she had an affair with a married man. She admitted that she "hastily accepted a love relationship that Mr. N. had not yet finalized and completed the legal procedures regarding the current marital status".

Sharing about their love story, May Bae said she and Mr. N. dated from late 2021 to early 2022. The two knew each other through social networks. Initially, the female TikToker received m.oney and donations from Mr. N.. After that, they gradually moved towards a romantic relationship. When they first started dating, May Bae only knew that Mr. N. had 2 children and had divorced his wife.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 6

May Bae said that when she was contacted by her wife, Ms. H., she ended her romantic relationship with Mr. N. However, the female TikToker was used by Mr. N to record video call clips containing images. sensitive to control her. Therefore, May Bae could not end the relationship sooner.

Notably, May Bae denied information about receiving support m.oney as Ms. H. said. She confirmed that there is no figure of $350,000. She counted the amount of m.oney Mr. N. donated to her as about 300 million VND. May Bae said she had previously transferred the payment to Mr. N. 350 million.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 7

Along with the article, TikToker May Bae posted many pictures and videos of her phone screen to prove her clarification. At the end of her words, May Bae admitted her mistake and hoped the online community would stop attacking her and pushing the noise further.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 8

Looking back at the noise in his private life, May Bae affirmed that he did not receive this amount of m.oney as some information posted. The 23-year-old singer said it took her 2 months to overcome the difficult period and stabilize her life. From the incident, May Bae learned many lessons for herself. "Previously, I didn't listen to the advice of people around me and was blind in love," she admitted.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 9

Expressing his opinion on artists receiving m.oney and gifts from the audience, May Bae shared that fans give gifts, showing love to the audience. But she believes that receiving m.oney directly is sensitive. "As for the income I get from livestreaming, I serve music to the audience. Sometimes I sing continuously for 4-5 hours as requested. If people like it, they will show their love for me," she confided. White.

May Bae reappears after a noisy little tam raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it? - Photo 10

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