TikToker Hoang Lan Anh "resolves" after a series of noise, with an impressive new look

Vân AnhMar 25, 2024 at 16:03

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The anonymous TikTok channel owner "exposed" many unverified pasts of h.ot TikToker Hoang Lan Anh. Up to now, she has also remained silent and no longer talks about her. The 2004 h.ot g.irl, as if to "resolve the problem", has made a new move that has attracted the attention of many netizens.

Specifically, in the latest dance clip she posted on her TikTok page, it is easy to recognize Lan Anh's novelty. Accordingly, she got an extremely cute new hairstyle after constantly getting into trouble because her past was "exposed" from an anonymous TikTok channel.

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 1

In the comments section, fans asked Lan Anh: "Hair extensions?" . She quickly responded: "But my hair is too early."

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 2

Both funny and sad with Hoang Lan Anh's answer. After getting caught up in a series of unnecessary controversies, she immediately took action to "resolve the problem" with a new hairstyle, with brighter, more eye-catching colors.

This new look of hers also received a lot of compliments from netizens, saying that Lan Anh looks much more personal and impressive.

It can be seen that the past time has not been easy for the 2004 TikToker, but Lan Anh has also overcome it strongly.

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 3

The incident broke out when an anonymous TikTok page posted information about Hoang Lan Anh's past and life. This account shows that her parents did something wrong and had to be punished. As for the female lead, she was rumored to be corrupt and used m.oney from her funeral to have fun. Not only that, she was also accused of having an illicit love relationship.

Before that series of information, Hoang Lan Anh cried while livestreaming. She begged the online community not to talk about the past: "No one is born to choose their family, I hope everyone will stop talking about my parents, especially when my father is no longer there.

At that time, my uncles and I were the ones keeping her m.oney to take care of the funeral and the future.

I have a boyfriend. I take care of my own life. Now, I just want to live peacefully " - h.ot TikToker sobbed.

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 4

After that, Hoang Lan Anh confided: "If you don't say it, it's so right that you can't argue with it. If you say it, you say it tickles, if you don't do anything, why should you be afraid? I don't know how to live. Relatives, friends I said don't care, but if I ignored it, he would climb on top and sit down. I'll just explain to myself, but from tomorrow I'll continue to work and continue with my life."

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 5

Even so, the owner of the TikTok channel still did not let go of the h.ot TikToker and was still determined to pursue it to the end.

The second time facing the owner of this channel, Hoang Lan Anh once again spoke out more strongly about her false rumors. She revealed a conversation with her uncle and a text message from many years ago between them.

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 6

Lan Anh said firmly: "I never took m.oney from the funeral to play and didn't abandon my younger brother like the unknown lies. What about the fact that I'm married to a rich man or go on vacation or do small things?" I'm not asking for evidence anymore. I challenge Tuong to be able to present any evidence at all. Don't see that my brother's case or the funeral case can't say anything anymore, then start leading public opinion in a different direction."

Regarding the TikTok channel claiming that Hoang Lan Anh filed a lawsuit, she also strongly responded: "As for the matter that I don't know about, it doesn't exist, everyone. I didn't send any email to request it." Take anything down."

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 7

Finally, she affirmed once more: "And I affirm once again that I don't take funeral m.oney, I don't abandon my sister. I don't go as a guest, I don't go with a rich man, I don't become a l.ittle g.irl. As for what to say, who can say it? There's no evidence, so why do people keep listening?

Even though she is only 20 years old, Lan Anh's strength makes many people admire her. She is the "righteous tree who is not afraid to die" and is very fierce in facing things to the end.

To date, that TikTok channel has no longer mentioned her, but has turned to other subjects instead of continuing to "expose" or show evidence.

TikToker Hoang Lan Anh resolves after a series of noise, with an impressive new look - Photo 8

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