Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend

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Luu Ky Huong was born in 1988, in a poor family in Hai Phong, but soon had a love and passion for art.

The road to art and affirming the name of Luu Ky Huong had to go through many hardships.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 1

At the age of 16, just finished 9th grade, when friends of his age asked to work as workers during the summer break, Luu Ky Huong worked hard at the district library to read books for free. Then Ky Huong saw that nearby, there was a tea room recruiting staff to run the table, she came to apply for a job. Every night, the tea room has a music program to sing to each other, one day, the MC in the district had a break, Ky Huong boldly asked the restaurant owner for a test lead.

"I remember at that time I was nervous and still livid, but the program was very successful, I was also accepted by the boss 2 times a week", Ky Huong recalled the first place that brought her to work. do MC.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 2

Despite her busy living and studying, Ky Huong did not give up her habit of going to the library to read books, so she had a chance to meet the Vice Principal of Hai Phong School of Culture and Arts. Ky Huong said: "My uncle asked me if I wanted to be an actor? I told him yes, but he didn't know how to be an actor. I was accepted to Hai Phong School of Culture and Arts to study acting."

Back at school, the Hai Phong Dance Company invited Ky Huong to be an MC, after that, she was invited by Hai Phong TV station to host TV programs and events, becoming one of the favorite young MCs in Hai Phong.

With a burning passion, a desire to become a singer and encouraged and encouraged by many uncles and aunts in the union, Luu Ky Huong left Hai Phong to Hanoi to seek opportunities to develop her singing career. Luu Ky Huong used to organize live shows: "I sing", "My love story"... then switched to the job of managing artists and music groups, orienting her own artistic path.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 3

When he joined the Youth Theater, Luu Ky Huong returned as an actor. She participated in many plays such as: "Silent City", "The Great War Kitchen", "The Adventures of Crickets"... Here, Luu Ky Huong was not only engaged in artistic activities but also invited to participate. Attend many talk shows with students and children.

After a long period of artistic activities, hard work and shows, Luu Ky Huong's life is now stable. Not only has a foothold in the profession, she has bought a house in Hanoi, bought a car to travel and is qualified to take care of her 10-year-old son well. Ky Huong said, it's time for her to fulfill her long-cherished dream.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 4

Liu Qixiang's shocking past

At the end of 2020, Luu Ky Huong shared her shocking past for the first time. She was physically abused at the age of 17, the trauma has followed her for many years.

The female singer confided, "Now, every time I recall the time when I was 17 years old, the fear is still intact. Those were the days I didn't want to remember. That year, I moved from the countryside to the city. Hai Phong to go to work The first time I went out with a group of friends, I drank some beer A playboy drove me home, but in fact he took me to the motel and "played".

Both painful and fearful, I felt miserable when I thought that I had lost my value. With no one to protect or trust enough to share my fears, I had to hide and move on.

After that, many more times, I was abused by men. They are the boss and I have to respond if I want a job. Also from here, my view of men began to stray, lame. I fear, despise and hate men. There was a time when I was afraid of life, afraid of meeting new people, but after a while I became calmer and more active in my life."

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 5

The female singer was once immersed in hatred and pain. A young g.irl from the countryside who just moved to the city to start a business, has no one to protect and is abused, it's terrible.

"My life began to turn a new page when I was invited to the Hai Phong dance troupe to work. There, I was helped by my uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. I was invited to the School of Culture and Arts. Hai Phong Art took a training class specialized in Cheo actors.

After many years of working in Hai Phong, I went to Hanoi to work at the Vietnam Youth Theater. This time is also difficult, but the turbulence in life has made me more mature. I was more cautious in my relationships and worked diligently to sing, MC, and do live shows," said Luu Ky Huong.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 6

Deciding to publicize her painful past after many years of hiding it, she affirmed: "I want to tell my story because now I have found peace in my soul. There are many girls who have also been abused by bad guys, but they don't. I want to be the one to make this public so that the children can empathize, thereby releasing their feelings.

I also hope that parents should pay more attention to their children and younger siblings. There are cases when knowing that children and children are abusive, but parents also hide it, causing them to live their whole lives in damage both physically and mentally. Many children cannot find personal happiness because they are misguided and have no one to share with.

Just because I'm open about being abused doesn't mean I'll lose value because of it. I openly know that the value of a woman is not in the hymen but in her bravery and way of life. If someone is hurt, I also hope they read my life story to rise up. Because, when abused, the damage is persistent. The most hurtful thing was in the soul, by the time I was 30 years old, the feeling of fear and shame was still there. That makes me unable to be happy with any relationship because I am very guilty."

Fortunately, after many years of trying, Luu Ky Huong is living a stable life, has a career and is a single mother.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 7

"Currently, I have a lover, he lives in Germany and travels between the two countries. We plan to get married in 2021. When my boyfriend heard about the past, he was very sympathetic and I want to make up for it. We love and understand each other. Perhaps, he is the gift that the turbulent life compensates for me.

I personally understand the ups and downs and pains in a woman's life and wish to help, share and advise on knowledge so that women can be confident, happy and respected. Women always deserve to be loved and they themselves can change their lives, becoming a really better and happier version than all the versions they ever expected," Luu Ky Huong affirmed.

Luu Ky Huong - Many times abused in the past: Currently a single mother, understood by her boyfriend - Photo 8

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