Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army

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Actress Thuy Anh's full name is Nguyen Thuy Anh. She was born in 1995 in Hanoi. Thuy Anh studied at Banking Academy. However, after a while, she decided to follow the artistic path and became a talented actress of the Vietnamese screen.

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 1

The journey to conquer the arts of actress Thuy Anh

Charming with art from a young age, with only 14 years old, Thuy Anh participated in filming. The first film that the actress participated in was the Quartet 10A8. A movie for school age. After the 10A8 Quartet ended, Thuy Anh began to become famous and known by many people. She is also highly appreciated by the audience for her acting.

However, because of focusing on studying, after the end of part 1 of the film, Thuy Anh stopped her passion for art. After a period of absence from the small screen, at the age of 18, Thuy Anh returned to the main role of Huyen in the famous movie. It can be said that this role, she has changed spectacularly. From a pure schoolgirl to a charming woman. In the movie, she also often has daring scenes.

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 2

Also from here, Thuy Anh has made a strong impression in the hearts of the audience. It also brought home many film awards. She is also called by everyone with the title "Actor playing h.ot scenes". Thuy Anh also once expressed that she was very uncomfortable and used to feel stressed with this title.

However, when it comes to playing h.ot scenes, the actress frankly admits it's not a problem. What matters is how to convey that image to the audience. Not every "hot scene" is bad or necessary in a movie, but there are movies that need it to bring out what's mentioned.

In 2015, fans and audiences were also surprised when Thuy Anh participated in the reality TV show "The Amazing Race". One of the h.ot programs in Vietnam.

Continuing with her artistic path, Thuy Anh has participated in many TV series and movies such as A Life of Resentment, Love and Ambition, Old G.irl 2 and 3,...

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 3

In 2020, the best actress received the nominations Favorite TV Actress and Blue Star Best TV Actress. Currently, her name is also known by many Vietnamese audiences.

She also has a close relationship with her showbiz colleagues. Especially, she plays very well with seniors Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. Recently, Thuy Anh participated in Sitcom Small to big in the office and the movie Rung The Mang.

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 4

Compared to the time when she played a h.ot scene in a famous movie, actress Thuy Anh became more and more s.exy and bold. She is also a s.exy symbol of the Vietnamese screen. The actress also regularly posts photos of herself in swimsuits showing off the curves of her b.ody. With her standard and s.exy b.ody shape, Thuy Anh has received many compliments from the audience as well as friends.

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 5

On the occasion of appearing at the event, the actress also always chooses a seductive style that enhances her feminine appearance. Thuy Anh's beauty is also commented by many viewers as more and more salty and beautiful.

Actress Thuy Anh's private life

It is known that actress Thuy Anh used to have a dating relationship with model boyfriend Hoang Gia Anh Vu. The guy is a very handsome man. Not only that, but also owns a standard, beautiful b.ody. So in 2015, Thuy Anh's boyfriend participated in Vietnam's Next Top Model contest.

After the contest ended, male models continued to develop in the fashion field. The love story of the two is also wholeheartedly supported by both sides of the family. But then the two broke up. In an interview, actress Thuy Anh also shared that she now feels that she is still very young and far from getting married.

List of movies that make actor Thuy Anh's successful career

Quartet 10A8 2009

A lifetime of resentment 2017

Squad 12A1 2018

Very old g.irl moves 2 2018

Love and ambition 2020

Very old g.irl moves 3 2020

World Forest 2021

Sitcom Small and Big Office 2022

Recently, Thuy Anh confirmed to join Sao Entering the Army. The actor born in 1995 shared: "I've liked the show for a long time. Normally, if I'm not busy, I usually sleep in until 12 noon. When I was in school, I was always curious if I lived in a disciplined environment. For me, waking up early in the morning and folding the blankets squarely is a scary thing, but also very interesting, worth a try."

The actress also revealed a series of behind-the-scenes photos recording 7 days in the army. At times, she was amusing with her black lips and crow's feet painted face to disguise herself as a guerilla. Sometimes, she shows off the bruises on her hands. But every moment, the actress' bare face always reflects excitement and energetic spirit.

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 6

Thuy Anh came to the show not to compete with other artists, not to win this or that, just to win herself.

Thuy Anh said, for 3 weeks before departing to the 5th Water Commando Brigade in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa, she plunged into boxing every day to regain her fitness. She said the water commando unit has a higher difficulty than other units in the army, because the soldiers have to perform tasks both on land and in the water.

Even so, she admits that she sometimes gets tired because of too many heavy tasks. Running 2 km continuously without stopping in the morning or swimming in the sea are scary challenges for her. The actress also cheerfully called herself "injured soldier of the year" because she was injured every day.

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 7

When she entered the program, her eyes were swollen and swollen on one side, causing discomfort. Although a bit worried that her bare face with so many scars will not be beautiful when she is on the screen, Thuy Anh is excited because the injuries are a testament to her efforts and a valuable experience in her youth. The actress claims to be good at enduring pain. Looking back at her bruised b.ody, darkened skin after 7 days, she feels exhausted but not hard.

Closing this reality show, Thuy Anh immediately flew to Hanoi to shoot VTV's TV series Ms. Baker with the female lead role. After 3 days of filming from 6 am to late at night, she only had a day off."

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 8

Thuy Anh: Stress because of the name 'h.ot scene actor', bruised when participating in Stars of the Army - Photo 9

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