Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, "flying color" from Sister Dep

Thiên DiJan 07, 2024 at 18:55

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Singer Liu Xiangjiang due to a family incident was absent for a few days without coming to practice. Then she came back with signs of fatigue, boredom. At the end of round 4, Liu Xiangjiang had to leave in the surprise of the audience.

In the newly aired episode 11, in round 4, the beautiful sisters performed 2 performances, 1 group performance and 1 performance combined with the "talents". Group performances in turn: Mashup of Rose Petals Fade - Rose Flower (Confucius Quynh group), Huong Ngoc Lan (Hong Velvet group), Colorless Flower Mashup - The Most Beautiful Flower (Thu Phuong group).

The performances associated with "talent" are: Mashup First Love - Cutting Sorrow in half (Confucius Quynh group combined with Tang Duy Tan), Borrowing Love Confession Wine (Hong Nhung group - BIGDADDY), Em Xinh (Thu Phuong group - MONO).

Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, flying color from Sister Dep - Photo 1

In the Huong Yulan group, Liu Xiangjiang was demoralized by health problems. "I feel like you've lost a lot of energy compared to your previous performances." Phuong Vy confided in her close sister who accompanied her through 4 performances. She admitted that she was disappointed that Liu Xiangjiang often missed training because she was worried about her seniors.

To the attention of juniors, Liu Xiangjiang explained: "When I have a family, my sisters spend several years not being active, instead spending time on more inner purposes. However, what we still have in common is our love for music, for our craft. When she entered the show, she felt like she was reliving her twenties.

But in the process, she encountered many personal problems that caused her health and spirit to deteriorate. I'm also an optimistic, positive thinker, but at these stages, there's really nothing to say."

Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, flying color from Sister Dep - Photo 2

Liu Xiangjiang said that she always put her family first, so when her family had problems, she had to struggle a lot. The singer confided, not knowing if she can continue to accompany the program anymore.

Before Liu Huong Giang's sharing, Phuong Vy expressed his sympathy and offered words of encouragement. She said: "I know your problems are hard to solve right away, but the team always tries to get you to the gym to lift your spirits."

Fang Yu said, the moment Liu Xiangjiang returned to the gym made her cry with emotion. The singer said that the senior was very courageous when she accepted to return to training and competition.

Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, flying color from Sister Dep - Photo 3

In the 4th round, My Linh, Hong Nhung, Luu Huong Giang, Uyen Linh and Phuong Vy brought Huong Ngoc Lan performance with many new emotions. However, this performance only helped the "beautiful sisters" bring home only 188 votes.

At the end of the program, Liu Xiangjiang was the one who had to leave. She said: "Going so far, I think the journey has been fun and given me a lot of great experiences.

Everyone saw, in this round my spirit was not as good as the previous times. For a woman my age, who is having turmoil in her family, stopping here is appropriate.

I need to spend more time with my family, where my presence is needed. I'm not sad, I just regret the good times. I hope my performances and beautiful moments will remain forever in the hearts of my colleagues and the audience."

Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, flying color from Sister Dep - Photo 4

Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, flying color from Sister Dep - Photo 5

Earlier, in an article around the show, Diva My Linh implicitly confirmed that Liu Huong Giang had broken up with Ho Hoai Anh when she said that last Tet juniors visited her home with her "ex-husband". During the participation in the program, Liu Xiangjiang's 2 daughters also appeared in their mother's rehearsals, but the singer did not mention her partner.

Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, flying color from Sister Dep - Photo 6

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