Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Year's poster: Yangtze has 2 films

Minh LợiJan 03, 2024 at 17:13

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On the first day of 2024, a series of Chinese-language works that have been and will be completed this year simultaneously posted the latest images, as a meaningful spiritual gift to fans in general and the public in particular.

Mortal Cultivator

After receiving a series of criticisms in My Smoke and Fire, Duong Duong continued to return to the small screen with the project "Mortal Tu Tien" - adapted from the long-running monastic novel series of the same name by writer Vong Ling.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 1

The main content of Fan Xiu Tien revolves around Han Li (Yang Yang) as the fourth c.hild in the family, common appearance, mediocre b.ody. At the age of 10, he was introduced to the Seven Mystics by his uncle, adopted Mo Dafu as his master, and trained in Changchun Gong. During training, Han Li accidentally picked up a small treasure, unbeknownst to him, this treasure would completely change his life.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 2

With the first trailer, Fan Tu Tien revealed the majestic scenery of mountains and hills and steppes as well as briefly introduced the characters in the story, so the audience still cannot judge the techniques or performances of the actors.

Mortal Cultivator Tien is a key project of the Youku platform, gathering many famous faces. In addition to Yang Yang playing a key role, the film also has the appearance of Kim Chen, Wang Dao, Xu Haiqiao, Kim Jiachun ,...

Want to Love Forever

If in the fairy knighthood series, the public expects to enjoy Fan Tu Tien, then in the modern romance series, Yang Zi and Pham Chengcheng's Want to Forever Love is also considered a promising 'black horse'.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 3

On the occasion of New Year's Day, the film crew of Want to Forever Love released four new posters, showing the sweet and funny relationship of the main male-female duo. When he was in high school, Huang Yangtze, Chiang Duc and a group of friends made an appointment to take university exams in Beijing. However, due to many unexpected events, only Chiang went to Beijing, while Chiang Duo went to the United States.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 4

Years after meeting again, the question: 'At seventeen, who do you like?' still lingers in their hearts, Huang and Chiang decided to bravely once again, cross the boundaries of classmates to move towards a more intimate relationship - lover.

In real life, both Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng are known for being funny people, this new poster was also taken impromptu when they were both attending the event of the leading men's fashion magazine, so the style and shape of the duo are quite 'out of place' with the film.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 5

In addition to the above 2 films, there are many other works that will also air in 2024.

Xiangzi School Part 2

The second most awaited film is Xiangzi School Part 2. The reason is simple, it is because part 1 of this work has created a huge attraction. It is not even an exaggeration to say that this is the typical language film of 2023 as it shows the thoughtfulness from the script, the color of the film, the setting to the character creation and acting that each actor shows.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 6

"Similar School" is adapted from the novel of the same name by famous author Tonghua, about the turbulent life and journey to find happiness of Xiao Yao (Yangtze). Originally from a noble background, Xiao Yao soon encountered problems. She had been wandering since childhood and had to go through a lot of suffering.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 7

Later, fate arranged 3 special men to appear in her life: Shang Huyen (Zhang Wanyi), Do Shanjing (Deng Vi) and Xiang Lieu (Dan Jian Minor). They all had feelings for Xiao Yao. The characters' stories are skillfully constructed and integrated into the process of Trung Nguyen fusion.

Chinese-language series airing in 2024 releases New Years poster: Yangtze has 2 films - Photo 8

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