Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons

Bút MựcJun 22, 2024 at 21:44

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Cinderella is currently the young Vietnamese celebrity who receives the most attention from the online community. The eldest daughter of MC Quyen Linh and his wife Da Thao not only possesses outstanding beauty at the age of 18 but is also good at studying, multi-talented, and multi-talented.

At the age of 18, the "daughter" of MC Quyen Linh - Cinderella, has begun to pay more attention to her appearance, loves fashion, and often wears outfits that o.ff her physical advantages. With her pure beauty and "candy" fashion style, Cinderella received many compliments, netizens even advised her to enroll in beauty contests.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 1

With the advantage of beauty and being the daughter of one of the most popular MCs in Vietnam, from a young age, she was "chosen for gold" by many advertising brands, following in her parents' footsteps. prestigious events.

Businesswoman Da Thao - Cinderella's mother said her daughter receives dozens of emails every day inviting her to work together. However, she determined that studying was still the main thing, so she refused many invitations.

"Girls only accept participation in suitable shows that don't take much time and can spread positive things to the community and young people. Sometimes I get invited by a few brands to cooperate and pay high salaries, but still refused," Quyen Linh's wife shared.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 2

In addition, every time she receives remuneration for work, Cinderella proactively donates a portion to charity, helping children or households in difficult circumstances. She saw her father's enthusiasm for community-oriented projects, so she soon became aware of sharing with less fortunate people.

In daily life, Cinderella and her sister often join their parents on charity trips. Through that, she learned to sympathize with people in more difficult circumstances. The moment Cinderella and her sister Chestnut sobbed and gave all their savings to orphans when participating in an episode of the Vietnamese Family Shelter program with their father, netizens gave many compliments.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 3

In fact, even though they have the means to fully provide for their children, Quyen Linh and his wife always teach their children how to live simply, care and share with others, appreciate labor, and be grateful for small things. most collected...

MC Quyen Linh also attracted attention when carrying charity m.oney i.n a faded backpack. It is known that this is an item that his daughter used since 2017, but then because she could no longer use it, he reused it. MC Quyen Linh said that asking for his daughter's backpack back was a reminder for her to value her belongings.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 4

Because she is beautiful and beautiful, many people expect that in the future Cinderella will participate in beauty contests, because she has all the qualities. However, not long ago, during an interaction with fans on social networks, when advised to send her daughter to the beauty pageant, MC Quyen Linh gently replied, "The beauty queen of my parents who gave birth to me is OK." Already".

The male MC's sharing received many compliments for his humility and skill in teaching his children. In fact, this is not the first time MC Quyen Linh talked about girls being advised to compete in beauty contests.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 5

The male MC said that he and his wife do not want their c.hild to go into showbiz, but want him to develop naturally, and do not want him to go to beauty pageants. "Entering a beauty pageant is already a pressure, becoming a beauty queen is even more pressure, and not passing is even more pressure," he said.

Even though she doesn't want her c.hild to compete in the beauty contest, Quyen Linh won't stop her and will respect her decision when she grows up.

Cinderella's real name is Mai Thao Linh, born in 2005. Since childhood, Cinderella has received special attention from the public because of her attractive appearance. Cinderella is considered to have perfectly inherited the beauty of both her parents.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 6

As the daughter of a famous male MC, Cinderella is no less attractive than showbiz stars. She owns 1.2 million followers on Tiktok, more than 400 thousand followers on Facebook and more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons - Photo 7

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