Cinderella's daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react?

Bút MựcMay 30, 2024 at 11:53

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Recently, Mai Thao Linh - MC Quyen Linh's eldest daughter posted a clip showing off her flexible dancing ability. Besides her choreography, Cinderella also scores points with her radiant beauty and pretty visual at the age of 18.

After posting this clip, below the comments section, an account complimented Cinderella and shared: "If I'm this beautiful, I haven't been single for 25 years." Notably, Quyen Linh's daughter also quickly responded to this comment and suddenly revealed about dating: "I'm also 18 years old."

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 1

This is the first time Cinderella has shared about her personal life. Thus, Quyen Linh's daughter has implicitly affirmed that she still has not had her first love even though she is 18 years old.

Previously, when asked about her children's love life, Artist Quyen Linh shared: "It's your right to love someone. Parents never forbid it, until now there are many children standing guard at the house. The right to decide whether to have a lover or to declare a lover is also the c.hild's right.

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 2

Parents will support you. You are old enough, old enough, and decisive enough, but you must let them know. I often tell my children: 'In the past, I loved your mother and you didn't have anything in your hands, so you don't have to worry about anything'. It's important that you be a good student so you can take care of yourself first."

Businessman Da Thao also revealed on Cinderella's 17th birthday: "Cinderella said, this year and next year are two very important years for Lem, because Lem has to take the A Level exam and enter the next year. Enter the university.

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 3

This is Lem's future, his career, and his responsibility. All this motivates Lem to focus on studying and try hard. In addition, Lem needs to read books, learn to play the piano, learn to draw and Lem still has a lot to learn. Therefore, Lem does not have time to have a boyfriend. Please sympathize with Lem!".

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 4

Cinderella's real name is Mai Thao Linh, born in 2006, the first c.hild of Quyen Linh and businessman Da Thao. She is said to have inherited many beauties from both her parents and many people say that Cinderella is no less beautiful than the beauty queen. Thanks to her outstanding appearance, Quyen Linh's daughter has been invited by many brands to be an advertising model.

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 5

Besides her impressive appearance, Mai Thao Linh also has a very good academic record and possesses many artistic talents, especially drawing. Previously, Cinderella was often praised on the school's website for her "people's family" achievements such as First prize in the Canvas painting category of the 2022 Saigon Literature Contest, First prize in the 2023 Photography Contest organized by Organized by FOBISIA.

Not to mention, Quyen Linh's daughter also successfully completed the Cambridge IGCSE International High School Exam in 2022 with all subjects scoring A*-A.

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 6

Recently, Cinderella was officially admitted to the London University of Fine Arts. According to Times Higher Education, ddaay is the largest university specializing in fashion, art, design and performing arts research in Europe. This school is also ranked 2nd in the world for art and design in 2024.

When commenting on girls, Quyen Linh said that Cinderella and Chestnut are cute and obedient. Talking more about his children being famous on social networks, the male MC confided: "The press and the audience love my daughter very much, I am very grateful for that.

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 7

Currently, the two girls are not yet photo models, they are just selfies posted on their personal pages." Quyen Linh added that in the past, the two children were more comfortable and natural. Since receiving people's attention, Cinderella and Chestnut is a bit apprehensive because "she's not used to the spotlight yet".

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 8

Because she is a professional, Quyen Linh understands the difficulties of pursuing art. Therefore, he once shared that he did not want his children to join showbiz. However, the male MC said that if it is his two children's passion, he is still willing to support it. "But right now you're still in school, not aiming to join showbiz. When you finish school, if you're passionate about art, I'll pamper you," he said.

Cinderellas daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react? - Photo 9

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