Quyen Linh's daughter "joined" the brand-loving club: Not afraid to "spend m.oney like rain"

Đông NguyênFeb 28, 2024 at 13:51

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A series of moments showing off branded goods of Cinderella - Quyen Linh's eldest daughter - is receiving a lot of attention. Everyone was surprised at the "huge" amount of m.oney that Cinderella did not hesitate to spend.

Recently, on her personal Facebook page, Quyen Linh's Cinderella attracted attention when she posted a story showing off her designer clothes. It is known that this is a rare time when Quyen Linh's eldest daughter shows off her brand-name purchases on social networks.

Below the post, many comments expressed surprise at the branded items Cinderella bought. Many people are shocked to learn the expensive value of each item. Through this, it can be seen that Quyen Linh's daughter also has financial means that are not average, so she is not afraid to "splash m.oney like rain", just to "plate" branded goods on her b.ody.

Some comments also commented on Quyen Linh's daughter's spending m.oney, looking like a tycoon's lady. Currently, Cinderella's post is receiving a lot of attention, shares and is a h.ot topic of discussion on social networks.

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 1

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 2

It is known that in recent times, Cinderella has had a lot of work for herself. This is probably the reason Quyen Linh's daughter also has her own property. Currently, many people expect her to compete in the Miss beauty pageant in the near future.

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 3

Cinderella (real name Mai Thao Linh, 17 years old), first daughter of male MC Quyen Linh. The g.irl has an ideal height and beautiful b.ody. Cinderella always exudes gentle and elegant beauty, that's why she always chooses a feminine, gentle fashion style. The g.irl exudes a gentle and elegant beauty.

Due to her lovely face, big round eyes, pink white skin and sunny smile, Cinderella received many compliments about her beauty. Many people also think that she has the qualities to become a beauty queen in the future.

According to the sharing of MC Quyen Linh and his wife, Cinderella was an affectionate g.irl from a young age, loved her family and cared for everyone. In particular, Cinderella is more mature than her age, always protecting and defending her sister Chestnut.

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 4

Thao Linh is also a good student and has achieved many academic achievements, making her parents proud. She loves reading and is passionate about music and painting. MC Quyen Linh herself once revealed that she would support her daughter in pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer or artist.

Even though Cinderella has famous parents, she lives a simple and sociable life. Many people advised Quyen Linh and his wife to let their daughter study cinema or beauty contests. However, the male MC once shared that he did not intend for his two children to go into showbiz but respected their choices. According to the male MC, future career should be based on the c.hild's interests and talents, not imposed on the parents' wishes.

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 5

Cinderella also participated in volunteer projects with her father many times. The g.irl once shared: "The charity trip that I remember most was the trip during the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival in Ben Tre. During this trip, I met and helped children in extremely difficult circumstances but The children were always energetic and tried their best. Not only did they give gifts to the children, that day I also had the opportunity to participate in the Vietnamese Family Shelter program, which was really fun! Even though I had a busy school schedule, if I had a charity trip If it's suitable, I will arrange time to go with dad."

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 6

Up to now, Cinderella is still a face loved by many audiences. Although she is not active in showbiz, she has a following on social networking platforms that is no less than that of a singer or actress.

Quyen Linhs daughter joined the brand-loving club: Not afraid to spend m.oney like rain - Photo 7

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