R.evealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship?

Gia NhiMay 25, 2024 at 13:34

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The trend of going to the market for 5 thousand, 10 thousand used to make young people "dizzy and dizzy", besides enjoying the content from tiktoker this trend on Tiktok in 2022. Housewife Phuong Nguyen is one of That number is known as the most "kiss" in Vietnam.

Recently, the topic of economical spending has regained attention as food prices are increasing and wages are stagnant. Housewives flocked to Top Top to s.how o.ff their amazing spending "tricks", receiving millions of views and hundreds of comments asking to learn the secret to saving.

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 1

But to talk about being frugal to the point of controversy, we cannot help but mention the most frugal housewife in Vietnam - Phuong Nguyen. This g.irl used to have food trays with shocking prices and made netizens talk for a long time. Surely you've heard of the 5k, 8k rice trays - an unbelievable price that Phuong Nguyen can cook, and the food is "delicious", "nutritious", "full of nutrients"... according to her advertisement. .

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 2

In July 2022, Phuong Nguyen and her surreal series of economical rice trays emerged as a phenomenon on TikTok. Not only did she cook, she also filmed scenes of going to the market to buy food to prove that she did not make up a story. The most famous is the scene where Phuong Nguyen buys a 5k piece of pork. She explained: "If I buy a little, the seller can take the extra small pieces of meat and sell it.

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 3

This scene of going to the market for 5k was so popular that many TikTok accounts later borrowed the sound, reenacting the scene of going to the market to buy things for 5k and waiting for the seller's reaction. Then this trend was condemned for bothering others, no one could sell meat for... 5k!

Although she affirmed that she did not stage a super cheap cooking scene to get likes, Phuong Nguyen also faced many criticisms. Some people think that if she feeds her children such meager meals, the children will lack nutrients. Cooking like this is stingy, not frugal...

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 4

After 2 years, Phuong Nguyen's content has gradually been replaced by other content, but even though the super cheap cooking channel has cooled down, "the stingiest housewife in Vietnam" still regularly releases cooking series with the startling price.

Most recently, "8k meal for 5 people is delicious, armpit-aching" or "14k meal full of meat and vegetables", "Treating mother-in-law to a whole fish"... The number of views for each of Phuong Nguyen's clips has decreased. Much better than before, but still able to reach 100k views/clip, some reaching 1.3 million views. In general, people know the channel owner's content by heart but are still curious about how she creates super cheap meals. Phuong Nguyen also did not hesitate to respond to comments saying that if she feeds her children such meals, she does not love the children and does not know how to be a mother.

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 5

"Don't let anyone teach you how to be a mother. As a parent, everyone loves their children. But loving your children doesn't mean always covering them, nurturing them, or always feeding them delicious meals." That's love. Instead, teach your c.hild how to experience everything from simple meals or meals with nothing to sympathize with poor people. Too many families are used to eating Drinking for your children in an indulgent way, letting them do as they like instead of teaching them to adapt to different living conditions, over time children will form the habit of being picky and throwing away food that is not to their liking, making them "So children will never understand the value of food," Phuong Nguyen said in a recent confrontation with an antifan.

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 6

Previously in 2022, the 5k shopping trend was initiated by a young man. Specifically, the guy went into each butcher shop and asked to buy 5k of meat. The first and second salesgirl both seemed very upset, and even the surrounding salespeople loudly expressed their frustration with the young man. At the third row, the seemingly easy-going saleswoman agreed to sell but could not help but complain when she "purchased meat for 5k and still asked for a bag". The clip quickly went viral and became a trend.

Revealing the most incompetent housewife on TikTok, how is it now after 2 years of hardship? - Photo 7

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