Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand?

Khánh HuyềnJan 12, 2024 at 10:50

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Lisa was voted as the most influential person in Thailand, surpassing famous politicians - former Progressive Party leader and former Prime Minister candidate - with a close number of votes.

On January 3, according to information from Thai Nation media channel, a survey took place at Suan Dusit University (from December 20 to December 27, 2023). This survey was conducted with 7,398 people, including famous politicians of the land of the Golden Temple. As a result, 28.1% of respondents chose Lisa as the most influential person.

Second place went to former Progressive Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat, who received 27.46% of the votes. Third place went to actor and broadcaster Kanchai Kamnerdploy, who received 22.55% of the votes.

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 1

It can be seen that BLACKPINK in Korea is holding its position as the leading g.irl group, far ahead of many other names. Not only that, along with BTS, the 4 girls have reached an international level to make the group a global music group. Each member has outstanding personal resources and careers. As the only foreigner in the group, the first Thai idol of YG Entertainment, Lisa has a huge influence on global fans. If compared to international reputation, it can be said that Lisa is definitely at the top of the group.

Therefore, there is no reason why Lisa cannot receive more favor from the media and young people. Thanks to Lisa, Thailand seems to have become the entertainment center of Southeast Asia when it continuously welcomes concerts of BLACKPINK, followed by other music groups.

Talking about Lisa's influence in her hometown, we must immediately remember the story about the time Lisa caused an explosion of orders for restaurants that sold her favorite dishes. Accordingly, the female idol was born and raised in Buriram province. In September 2021, when appearing on the Thai TV show Woody Show , the beauty born in 1997 excitedly shared about her favorite dish, meatballs.

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 2

This seemingly fleeting statement caused meatball sales in Buriram to skyrocket. According to the Bangkok Post , some local shop owners said their income increased from a few hundred baht to more than 10,000 baht (300 USD) per day.

In addition, many other times, traditional culture in Thailand has been widely spread internationally by Lisa, such as the image of a traditional headgear being brought into the MV, just because she wore a Thai Sarong once, this outfit also became popular. become a fashion trend among young people in the land of the Golden Temple.

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 3

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 4

Or many other times, Lisa accidentally revealed that she drank milk and ate minced shrimp omelet. Yet right after that, the dairy company and restaurant selling this dish also "enjoyed" the feeling of being "sold out".

Previously, in 2019, Lisa also won the title of most famous person in Thailand according to voting from The Standard site, with 3 million votes. All of Lisa's activities in Thailand have created a fever in the young community and she was honored by Thai media with the title of the country's "tourism rescue angel" after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 5

In October, Lisa was honored at a ceremony organized by the Thai Ministry of Culture at the Thailand Cultural Center, Bangkok, Thailand. During this event, Lisa was awarded the title of "Cultural Ambassador Leader" of Thailand for her contributions in spreading Thai culture globally and promoting economic development.

Thai Culture Minister Sermsak Pongpanich also praised Lisa for always supporting and promoting a positive image of Thailand through Instagram posts, attracting great attention from fans globally.

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 6

In February 2023, Lisa's official social network account surpassed 100 million followers. She was also honored by Guinness World Records as the Kpop artist with the most followers on social networks in March 2023.

At the same time, Lisa holds the record on YouTube for a music video with the most views within the first 24 hours of release. The Blackpink group member is currently the first individual Kpop artist to win awards at the VMAs and EMAs.

On Spotify, she is the first female Kpop artist to surpass 1 billion streams for a song. Lisa's album Lalisa is also the most listened to on the digital music platform Spotify.

Lisa surpasses the former Prime Minister candidate, becoming the most influential person in Thailand? - Photo 7

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