BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves

Gia NhiMay 03, 2024 at 06:46

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Half of 2024 has passed, but the joint schedule of 4 BlackPink girls so far has no information. All 4 have their own directions, personal lives and neglect even common musical products.

Lisa is the member who recently received the most attention when constantly r.evealing dating photos with her French boyfriend, recently the two also acted to officially make this love relationship official. Lisa (BlackPink) and her boyfriend Frédéric Arnault were spotted dining together at a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Paris (France). BlackPink's face is unknown, but Lisa later posted the meal in the restaurant as a tacit confirmation.

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 1

A few days ago, the Thai singer and Frédéric Arnault went to the Musée Rodin (Paris) - an art museum displaying the works of artist Auguste Rodin. The two were photographed by passersby eating ice cream together and going for a walk. The photographer said Lisa and her boyfriend were comfortable together, the singer wasn't wearing sunglasses and no one came to bother them.

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 2

On May 1, Lisa personally posted multiple photos taken in the garden at the Musée Rodin, matching the photos of netizens going viral. "I was at the Musée Rodin and saw this g.irl taking pictures with ice cream. As I watched intently, the g.irl casually turned around and we met each other's eyes. I thought, 'This beautiful g.irl looks a lot like Lisa.' I looked at the guy next to her and saw that he looked familiar. And then I found out it was Lisa," the photographer shared. In addition, the M.oney singer also revealed a photo wearing a b.ikini, relaxing on the beach, celebrating a dog's birthday.

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 3

Lisa has never expressed an official stance on dating rumors, but netizens claim that the BlackPink member has tacitly confirmed her relationship through photos on her personal social media account. Some people also pointed out that many times Lisa posted pictures in places where she was caught dating.

Lisa's rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault is the fourth son of the LVMH family, the parent company of luxury brand Louis Vuitton. He is currently the CEO of luxury watch brand TAG Heuer.

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 4

As for member Jisoo, she recently posted a series of photos of a coffee cart sent to the set where she was filming. In fact, this car was donated by fellow band member Jennie. Under the photos, the eldest BLACKPINK sister expressed her gratitude, "Thank you Jen-deuk (Jisoo's nickname for Jennie). The croffle was delicious."

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 5

Accordingly, Jennie sent a coffee cart to the Influenza studio to express her love and support for her teammates. The sign in front of the coffee car reads: "Influenza actors and staff, drink coffee and cheer up."

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 6

In addition, the coffee car is also decorated with Jisoo's personal photo and a joint photo of the two members. The parking of the coffee cart shows that the feelings between the two are still extremely deep and close even though at the moment, the K-Pop g.irl group is not working together. Currently, all four members are focusing on individual activities, but they all show their support for each other, which makes fans extremely touched by the beautiful friendship.

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 7

As previously announced, the Influenza film project will revolve around the struggle between Jae Yoon and Young Ju as they f.ight against the outbreak of the undead. In this drama, Jisoo will play the female lead.

It can be seen that, although there are no joint group projects, each activity of the members of BlackPink is closely watched by fans. However, new music projects are always the ones that fans look forward to the most, because the recent "hibernation" has been too long, everyone is looking forward to BlackPink's comeback in the near future.

BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves - Photo 8

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