Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the "miracle" to save the situation when YG "does not crave" to hold on?

Đình ThiAug 08, 2023 at 10:09

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Today, August 8th is the 7th anniversary of the debut of the popular Korean g.irl group - BlackPink. Unlike every year, this is a sad anniversary, because it is also the time when the group is out of contract with YG Entertainment.

According to Vietnamnet, due to the Born Pink world tour lasting until August 26, 2023, the contract extension of the 4 members will be announced at the end of August, even postponed to September.

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 1

Analyst at Samsung Securities, Choi Min-ha commented on the situation: " Information about BLACKPINK's contract extension may be officially announced in the near future, especially as the group's second world tour, titled "Born Pink," is scheduled to conclude in the United States on August 26 and on the same day. BLACKPINK officially marks the 7th anniversary of this g.irl group."

With the end of their 7-year contract with the agency, fans of the group "Black Huong" are worried that their girls will have to say goodbye to each other. So, will BlackPink survive the 7-year curse? It is a sad news that, in the history of Kpop, 7 years is a number that few groups have surpassed, even though they are the most popular names in the Korean entertainment industry.

According to the Korea Herald, after debuting in 2016 with the singles Whistle and Boombayah, BlackPink flourished as Asia's top K-pop g.irl group and gained popularity around the world.

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 2

The four girls captivated the public with their musical charisma, choreography, repeatedly topped major music charts in America and England. In addition, each member of the group, Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo, are loved by the public because of their beautiful beauty, lovely personality, and closeness to fans.

According to statistics in Korea, not only Blackpink's debut singles but other releases became hits, including Playing With Fire, K.ill This Love, Lovesick Girls, Pink Venom, Shut Down.

BlackPink rewrote K-pop history for g.irl groups in 2022, with their second studio album titled Born Pink. The album topped the US Billboard 200 albums chart and the UK Official Top 100 Albums. This is the first record of the K-pop group.

On the YouTube platform: the Blackpink channel attracts more than 90 million subscribers - setting a record for the group with the most followers. The 43 videos on the channel averaged 100 million views per video. DDU-DU DDU-DU MV surpassed 2.1 billion views - reaching a record as the most viewed K-pop g.irl group MV in history.

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 3

In addition, the four members of the group are all global ambassadors of the luxury fashion house, with Jennie as the "living Chanel tree", Jisoo representing Dior, Rose representing Tiffany & Co., and finally Lisa and Celiné.

Music critic Jung Min Jae stated, " BlackPink's music revolves around hip-hop along with K-pop characteristics, satisfying global listeners. They contribute to the universality of Korean music. The group even expanded its "territory" into fashion, leading the black-pink trend. In the past, not many women were Asian fashion icons."

Currently, the four members as well as YG representatives have not announced the renewal or termination of their contracts exclusively with each other. YG repeatedly told local media that "nothing is certain yet."

Industry insiders predict that BlackPink could continue their K-pop journey as YG's chicken, or that of their subsidiary The Black Label, run by BlackPink's main producer.

However, currently fans are still very scared, because there are too many rumors that Lisa and Jennie will not re-sign.

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 4

For example, Lisa, not long ago on July 12, YG representatives shared, " We have not agreed on Lisa's job, because the tour schedule and individuals are full, this is not related to the re-signing status." Although YG did not give a clear stance on the contract extension, it can be seen that YG admitted to recently arranging Lisa's schedule with the Chinese side.

It is expected that Blackpink's future direction will be decided after the official announcement of whether Lisa and the rest of the members will renew their contracts.

Whether Lisa continues to be active as a Blackpink member, or even whether she continues her artistic activities under YG's management, will undoubtedly greatly influence the group's future direction.

However, BLACKPINK's contract status is not only an isolated flashpoint for the group's activities, but also entails fluctuations in YG Entertainment's stock. As news of Lisa's possible departure spread, YG's shares fell 5.83 percent to close at 74,300 won last Wednesday.

According to Korea Portal, the 7-year curse has existed in K-pop since the days of 2NE1, Sistar, 4minute, and Miss A. This is a K-pop fan's worst nightmare — most of the time, idol groups fall into a 7-year curse, as most of the contract terms are deemed "terrible."

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 5

The other reason why idols want to terminate their contracts is that they want to pursue solo careers, acting (which BlackPink members are aiming for). The 7-year curse is therefore increasingly common.

However, whether BlackPink goes or stays also depends on YG Entertainment's treatment. According to Mydaily, for years, the g.irl group's management company has been criticized in its management.

In addition, YG Entertainment faced many scandals, including legal troubles and controversies involving other groups under their management.

Another factor that could affect BlackPink's future is the rise of other groups under the same company. YG is home to other groups such as Winner, iKon, and Treasure. In recent years, the group has become popular and has a significant fan base.

" The important thing is that K-pop groups are not only business but also cultural phenomena representing Korea and the world. The success of the group attracted attention and appreciation for the country's unique entertainment and music culture," Kpoppo commented.

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 6

The site added, "BlackPink is one of the most popular and successful K-pop groups of all time. While there are concerns about the 7-year curse and the rise of another K-pop group, there is hope for BlackPink's future. The group's dedication to music, strong relationships give fans reason to believe they continue to make inspiring music."

Currently, the information about the group Blackpink is receiving great attention from Asian media. Many hope that the quartet – Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo – will continue to work together.

Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the miracle to save the situation when YG does not crave to hold on? - Photo 7

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