Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: "Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again"

Juni NguyễnJun 28, 2022 at 13:58

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Perhaps Le Nam's statement about being bisexual when she was eliminated from the top 10 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has not cooled down yet when recently a famous fashion designer angrily scolded her severely.

As one of the names that is highly appreciated and promises to go deep into the top at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 beauty contest, unexpectedly Le Nam was suddenly eliminated from the top 10. This also partly makes Those who love her feel somewhat sorry for the g.irl from Tien Giang. Because in Le Nam - she has a h.ot b.ody, beautiful face along with quite impressive performances in the outer rounds.

Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again - Photo 1

Le Nam's removal from the top 10 also sparked mixed waves. But, surprisingly, after the final night of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 ended with the highest position going to Ngoc Chau, 1st runner-up was given to Thao Nhi and 2nd runner-up was given to Thuy Tien, Le Nam's side suddenly had c.razy move.

Accordingly, Le Nam said she had to stop early at the competition due to gender issues. Specifically, the beauty from Tien Giang said: "I already predicted the results after the private interview. I still thought I wouldn't be in the top 10. Because I said I was bisexual. I cried a lot before the finals." . I feel for the LGBT community. And that's why."

Le Nam's statement received a lot of criticism from the online community. Many people believe that Nam Em's sister has distorted thoughts and intends to discriminate against the LGBT community. Some netizens left criticism: "If I win to become King and lose, it's because I'm bisexual. It's true that when you kick in, words come out", "That's not true, it's because you talk like an idiot", "Are you kidding?" , seeing that he was kicked out of the top, I also felt sorry for Nam Anh. After reviewing the English part, saying "out" is also correct, now saying that, being kicked out of the top is not unfair"...

Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again - Photo 2

Faced with criticism from the online community, Le Nam hastily apologized: "Le Nam would like to apologize for the recent comments that have caused unfortunate misunderstandings. After the semi-finals, Le Nam Nam has read articles about Le Nam, which mentioned many of his past stories in a negative direction and also mentioned that these stories will make Le Nam unable to go far.

Therefore, during the closed interview, Le Nam thought she should be honest with her thoughts and accept what happened in the past. So everything has been said, including the mistakes of youth.

The past is what has happened, the mistakes of youth are an undeniable part of Le Nam, and that truth is that almost everyone knows the noises of Le Nam in the past.

Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again - Photo 3

Even in her first sharing in the contest, Le Nam did not hide that she was bisexual. During the semi-final night, Le Nam also introduced herself as bisexual, at that time there was also the presence of the judges at the venue. there. Therefore, it is not because she revealed that she is bisexual in a closed interview, but because Le Nam has made mistakes before and is not an excellent contestant compared to the rest. As for gender, Le Nam is always proud and considers herself a part of the LGBTQ community and will always f.ight and support an increasingly civilized community.

After the final night, Le Nam was greatly comforted and shared by the judges. I also know where I didn't do well, what I need to learn from the present and how to try in the future.

Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again - Photo 4

In this article, Le Nam apologizes and hopes to receive everyone's understanding for her unclear words in the finale that led to controversy. That is also a lesson for Le Nam in sharing her views and messages clearly and decisively.

Finally, I hope to receive sharing and sympathy from everyone."

Although she apologized for her statements that were said to be poorly understood, recently, designer Audrey Hieu Nguyen was still upset and posted on the forum to scold the beauty from Tien Giang.

Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again - Photo 5

Accordingly, designer Audrey Hieu Nguyen shared her statement that she was eliminated from Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 due to gender issues and harsh scolding: "Your LGBTQ community is fine! No one I need your love, what have you done for the community? Just because you dance to every song doesn't mean you're a representative of the community or that you can do anything for this community! Please shut your mouth or people will think it's a community. This guy is ignorant and uneducated like me.

While I always have the ability to create a beautiful image, there are some people who don't invest in the knowledge, education, skills, and core, then come back and say they're wrong because they're LGBT! People don't despise thinking like that, it's a bit strange!!

The contest accepts gender equality, accepts transgender people, society is gradually civilized! Ignorance prevails over the storm...Not accepted!"

Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again - Photo 6

The famous designer's angry post quickly received the attention of netizens.

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