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Nam Em and the "terrible" past are rarely known, the whole southern region only she can do it

Nguyễn Kim10:25:41 01/03/2024
Nam Em is currently the name that attracts media and is talked about the most today. Ignoring the noise on social networks, the beauty of Tien Giang origin once had an illustrious past, a standard that people rarely can do.

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Nam Anh posted "helpless", implying that someone relies on spirituality to harm when competing in MUVN 2023?

Gia Hoàng09:41:22 03/10/2023
After the noise from the beauty contest in recent days, Nam Anh suddenly admitted that during the contest his health was suddenly strangely unstable, causing people to pay attention.

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Le Nam was criticized by the famous designer: "Please be quiet, otherwise you will be ignorant again"

Juni Nguyễn13:58:10 28/06/2022
Perhaps Le Nam's statement about being bisexual when she was eliminated from the top 16 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has not cooled down yet when recently a famous fashion designer angrily scolded her severely.

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In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover.

Juni Nguyễn15:56:47 27/06/2022
Amidst the controversy about stopping in the Top 16 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Le Nam angrily said that the reason for being eliminated was only because she was bisexual. Also in the midst of the controversy, she was prompted by the past of same-sex marriage. After the final...

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