In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover.

Juni NguyễnJun 27, 2022 at 15:56

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Amidst the controversy about stopping in the Top 16 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Le Nam angrily said that the reason for being eliminated was only because she was bisexual. Also in the midst of the controversy, she was prompted by the past of same-sex marriage.

After the final night of Miss Universe, in addition to finding the 3 best faces that received the approval of the beauty audience, many people also expressed their regret for Le Nam when she did not enter the contest. The top 16 despite the perfect b.ody and the previous catwalk performance is considered impressive.

Not being able to move on to the Top 16, Le Nam side said through her personal facebook that due to the sound quality of the finale, it partly affected her eloquence.

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 1

Not only that, recently, Le Nam also said that because the beauty of Tien Giang origin herself is bisexual, it partly affects the exam results as well as her being excluded from the Top 16 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022.

About her real gender, Le Nam shared: "Even in her first sharing, Le Nam did not hide that she was bisexual, in the semi-final night Le Nam also introduced herself as bisexual. There was also a jury present at that time.

Therefore, it is not because she revealed that she is bisexual in a closed interview, but Le Nam has made mistakes before and is not an excellent candidate compared to the rest. As for gender, Le Nam is always proud and considers herself a part of the LGBTQ community and Le Nam will always f.ight and support the increasingly civilized community."

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 2

With her sharing about her true gender, Le Nam's post caused a stir in public opinion. Instead of sympathizing, many people criticized the beauty of Tien Giang origin for her poor behavior and used all sorts of reasons.

Also from Le Nam's sharing about her true gender, since then netizens also "unearthed" the past story of the beautiful Tien Giang when she was married to the same s.ex. Accordingly, in 2017, Le Nam became the focus of the media's attention when it was known that she was the twin sister of Miss Nam Em and the scandals about the love affair with her gay lover Bao Thy.

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 3

It wasn't until June 2017 that Le Nam and her gay lover Bao Thy publicly appeared together. This is also the first time Le Nam wants to make her love public with Bao Thy. She said that the two's feelings come from the heart. Having been together for a long time, Le Nam has realized that she cannot live without Bao Thy.

At that time, Le Nam and his girlfriend Bao Thy could be considered the first lesbian couple of Vietnamese showbiz to publicize their love story.

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 4

However, not long after, Le Nam and her sister Nam Em went to the livestream to ask for help from the online community when threatened by their lover. Accordingly, Le Nam said she once had a homosexual relationship with a person named BT. At first, the two had sincere and sincere feelings. BT helps Le Nam a lot in life. However, BT hurt Le Nam for a long time, so Le Nam wanted to return home, but her lover threatened to scare her.

"I still have feelings, but the obsessions and fears that BT caused are imprinted in my mind. I only have the last way to go back home. I've been hiding here for 3 days now" - Le Nam let me know.

Before the threat of a same-sex lover, Le Nam's family had to ask the police to protect her life.

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 5

Before the accusations of calling for help from Le Nam - Nam Em sisters on her personal page, Bao Thy immediately countered. Responding to Dan Viet newspaper, she denied arresting and b.eating Nam Em's sister and did not bring a weapon to the house. According to Bao Thy, Nam Em did not have enough evidence to accuse her.

Notably, in an interview, Bao Thy shared, Nam Em originally disagreed with her and Le Nam's love story, but these twin sisters do not have a good relationship. Therefore, Bao Thy thinks that her girlfriend may have been taken advantage of by Nam Em for PR.

"Nam Em wants to slander me with untrue words," Bao Thy shared. Before the troubles being faced, Le Nam's lover also threatened to sue Nam Em for slander. Bao Thy also stated that she was not afraid of Nam Em.

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 6

In early 219, Le Nam suddenly announced her breakup with her same-sex lover: "We couldn't reconcile many things and I myself did not want to hurt her, so I decided to break up."

Nam Em and Bao Thy's sister's declaration of separation made many viewers surprised and regretful for their long-term love when they overcame all barriers of society to make their love story public.

In the midst of the controversy of being excluded from HHV, Le Nam was "excavated" of her past with a "same-sex" lover. - Photo 7

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