Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his "baby", affirming that he cannot leave

Thiên DiMay 30, 2024 at 21:32

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Up to now, Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan have successfully cooperated twice in So Kieu Truyen and Du Phuong Hanh. Their harmonious collaborations helped the couple receive enthusiastic support from the audience.

Recently, Lam Canh Tan caused a stir when he shared a new post on his personal page, publicly embracing a special character. Male star Du Phuong Hanh's "sawing off his horns" at the age of U40 made people laugh and cry.

Accordingly, on social network Tieu Hong Thu, Lam Canh Tan posted a photo hugging a brown teddy bear. Along with that, the actor wrote: "Why can't I keep my hands off these lovely things?"

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 1

It is known that Lam Canh Tan has a great passion for stuffed animals and children's toys. So much so that a famous MC even compared Lam Canh Tan to his own c.hild when he saw the actor's toy collection.

Lam Canh Tan's post attracted great attention and discussion. The audience praised the positive energy that Lam Canh Tan brings, and at the same time recognized that the actor is increasingly younger than his real age. Besides, many people are urging the actor to get married soon, because he is currently in his 40s.

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 2

Recently, the actor was entangled in rumors about living in the same house with co-star Trieu Le Dinh, but both of them kept silent. Specifically, the office recently posted a very beautiful photo of Trieu Le Dinh. In the photo, she is wearing a simple, elegant outfit, her hair loose and sitting on a bench. Trieu Le Dinh's new image received a lot of praise from the public.

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 3

Coincidentally, Lam Canh Tan also posted a photo wearing a formal suit and elegant glasses. Worth mentioning here is that the chair behind the actor's back has identical details to Trieu Le Dinh's chair. Immediately, netizens assumed that the Du Phuong Hanh couple had returned to live together.

However, many people believe that this is just a coincidence because this chair model is quite popular. Others think that it is understandable for close friends to use the same clothes. The story of Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan living in the same house is very unlikely because the wall color in the photos of these two stars is not the same.

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 4

Although enthusiastic fans pushed the boat, Lam Canh Tan many times made moves to "tear the couple apart" which left fans disappointed. First, at the celebration party of the Du Phuong Hanh film crew, the outfits Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan wore could not help but make fans think of the couple in a distant way.

If the Trieu beauty wears a T-shirt with a picture of a dog (Lam Canh Tan's nickname is Lam Cau), then Lam Canh Tan chooses a white T-shirt with a rabbit image, coinciding with the year of birth of the beauty of the surname Trieu. Million.

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 5

There was nothing worth mentioning until the male star named Lam deleted the photo taken with Trieu Le Dinh for unknown reasons. Not stopping there, a fan couple asked Lam Canh Tan if his outfit had star motifs to refer to Trieu Le Dinh's nickname "Tinh Nhi" in So Kieu Truyen, the actor replied: " Don't you feel a bit strange?". Lam Canh Tan's act of criticizing the fan couple immediately caused a tense argument. Trieu Le Dinh's fans could not bear it and frankly condemned him.

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 6

Not long ago, the handsome man So Kieu Truyen was suddenly revealed to be dating a girlfriend who is nearly a year younger than him, causing turmoil within the Du Phuong Hanh fan couple. Some people even thought it was because of their love affair. Lam Canh Tan led to the film's final episode's performance stagnating.

As for Trieu Le Dinh, the actress also implicitly implied that the relationship between the two is just normal friends and colleagues, the couple that people associate only exists in movies and will not exist in real life.

Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his b.aby, affirming that he cannot leave - Photo 7

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