Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his "screen lover" Trieu Le Dinh?

Mi LanMay 11, 2024 at 18:28

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Recently, the news that actor Lam Canh Tan appeared on the list of candidates registering for the Shanghai Drama Academy's graduate entrance exam has attracted the attention of many netizens. This information quickly climbed to the top 1 h.ot search on Weibo, attracting more than 100 million reads.

Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his screen lover Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 1

Many people were surprised by this decision of Lam Canh Tan, because he is at the peak of his career with the role of Hanh Chi in the movie "Dying Phuong Hanh" which is "storming" on the charts. class. However, this information is confirmed by the school's admissions department. They affirmed that the actor would take the exam like any other candidate, without any favors, and that he would study for a doctorate for real. Accordingly, on May 9, the official website of Shanghai Academy of Drama posted a list of candidates registering for the doctoral exam, including Lam Canh Tan.

It is known that Lam Canh Tan graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy. This time, he registered for the exam specializing in composing and performing plays, cinema and television. Previously in 2017, the actor shared in an entertainment program about being busy writing his master's thesis. The news that Lam Canh Tan took the PhD exam made many people think of Trieu Le Dinh - his co-star in "Du Phuong Hanh" with extremely impressive broadcasting achievements last April.

Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his screen lover Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 2

In terms of reputation, Trieu Le Dinh is rated higher than Lam Canh Tan. She is one of the top Chinese actresses today with a huge fan base. However, in terms of education and acting level, the actor is said to "beat" his co-star.

Lam Canh Tan graduated from university and postgraduate degree in acting. He even achieved a doctorate. Meanwhile, Trieu Le Dinh only graduated from high school and did not attend university. Actress Trieu Le Dinh's success is said to be due to luck combined with constant effort.

Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his screen lover Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 3

Lam Canh Tan's PhD exam received many mixed opinions from public opinion. Many people believe that this is a remarkable learning effort of the actor to improve his knowledge and expertise. However, there are also opinions that this is just a trick to "polish" Lam Canh Tan's name in the context of his career after the success of "Du Phuong Hanh".

Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his screen lover Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 4

Lam Canh Tan was born in 1988, and rose to fame with the role of Twentieth Ah Ca in the movie Bu Bo Kinh Tam starring Luu Thi Thi and Ngo Ky Long. The actor was favored and taught by great directors like Tu Khac. He participated in the movie Dee Dee: Dragon King and was nominated for Best New Actor at the Hong Kong Golden Elephant Film Festival. However, Lam Canh Tan's career encountered difficulties when he wanted to terminate his contract with Duong Nhan management company. In the end, the actor had to compensate the contract with nearly 2 million yuan to be free.

Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his screen lover Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 5

In 2017, Lam Canh Tan's career brightened with the role of Vu Van Nguyet in So Kieu Truyen, also starring Trieu Le Dinh. The film is famous throughout Asia with an unfinished ending when Vu Van Nguyet falls into an icy lake, but after that Lam Canh Tan's career did not flourish and since then he has not received any other film projects.

At the same time, the actor's television series were also unsuccessful. Over the years, the actor has participated in dramas such as First Meeting, Last Minute of Separation, My Bargaining Queen, Call Me General Manager...... but all unsuccessful, poor performance. Therefore, the reunion with Trieu Le Dinh at Du Phuong Hanh saved Lam Canh Tan's career.

Lam Canh Tan quit his PhD career, where is his screen lover Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 6

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