Bach Kinh Dinh's Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Can't Hide Theft?

Bảo NamMay 15, 2024 at 16:24

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The adaptation project Hard to Seduce, starring Chuong Nhuoc Nam - Bach Kinh Dinh, has always received great attention from the audience from the official announcement until entering the filming stage.

Accordingly, because the original work had received a "huge" number of readers, as soon as it was announced that it would be adapted into a movie, Hard to Consolate received an enthusiastic response from the public.

Since the first days of announcing the project, many actors have been named for the male and female leads in Hard to Coax, such as Tong Uy Long, Truong Lang Hach for the character Tang Dien or Vuong So Nhien, Truong Du Hi for the character Wen Di Pham. . However, in the end, the "nation's first love" Truong Nhuoc Nam and Bach Kinh Dinh were the On Di Pham - Tang Dien that the producer chose.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 1

Although the movie has only been filming for two months, it is unclear when it will wrap up or beyond the premiere date, but on the Youku platform, Hard to Coax has officially broken the milestone of 1 million pre-orders.

To celebrate the achievement and respond to the audience's expectations, the film crew recently posted a welfare poster for the two main actors Chuong Nhuoc Nam and Bach Kinh Dinh in the image of students, quickly attracting discussion. Discussion and high interaction from the audience. Besides, Hard to Seduce also excelled in the Top 1 most anticipated modern idol movie on Youku.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 2

After A Theft That Can't Be Concealed (played by Trieu Lo Tu - played by Tran Triet Vien) achieved a series of impressive achievements, causing the whole network to explode, producer Kho Do Dan also quickly announced the launch of the project, right from the casting stage. When choosing actors, netizens were busy nominating 1,001 actors who were most suitable for the male and female protagonist Tang Yan - Wen Di Fan in the original work. However, in the end, the producer still decided to "close the order" for Bach Kinh Dinh and Truong Nhuoc Nam.

At first, when the film crew announced the official announcement, both Truong Nhuoc Nam and Bach Kinh Dinh faced opposition.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 3

Specifically, in On Di Pham's first appearance, netizens sighed because the bangs "sealed" Chuong Nhuoc Nam's beauty. The outfit was criticized for being too monotonous and unfashionable. The description of On Di Pham in the novel is that of a g.irl with bright facial features, stunning beauty like a star, mixed with charm and charm like a fox. Chuong Nhuoc Nam is pretty, but fans of the original work think that she is not the On Di Pham of the novel or in the fans' imagination.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 4

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 5

Before filming started, although Truong Nhuoc Nam did not have the charm and magic like On Di Pham in the novel, she had the beauty of a goddess of youth and first love. Nhuoc Nam's eyes also showed a hint of sadness, consistent with the plot influenced by On Di Pham's unhappy family.

While Truong Mieu Di is considered a Tang Tri from a novel because her mischievous, cute, and innocent role is her strength.

From the Weibo platform to Douban, many Chinese netizens believe that the biggest minus point of Kho Du Du Doi is that the costumes are outdated and do not fit the b.ody, making the actress, no matter how beautiful, match the original work. 70 - 80% were also drowned miserably.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 6

In addition, netizens, especially fans of the original film, are looking forward to the appearance of Bach Kinh Dinh in the role of Tang Dien, because this is one of the male gods "cold on the outside, h.ot on the inside" causing quite a stir in the enthusiast community. the language novels. Previously, Bach Kinh Dinh's physique and temperament received many comments doubting that he did not match Tang Dien's cold, arrogant "school boss" vibe. However, by this time, the majority of the audience, including fans of the original, had almost calmed down and gradually accepted Bach Kinh Dinh more.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 7

Hard to Coax is adapted from the series of the same name by Truc Di (also the "mother" of Unable to Hide). The content mainly tells about the love affair from school until adulthood between Tang Tri's older brother - Tang Dien and the gentle, calm beauty On Di Pham. It is known that the total broadcast time of the film will last for 30 episodes.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 8

In addition to Bach Kinh Dinh - Chuong Nhuoc Nam, the cast also includes the participation of Trach Tieu Van, Truong Mieu Di, and Tran Hao Sam.

Bach Kinh Dinhs Hard to Coax sets a record, will it surpass Cant Hide Theft? - Photo 9

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