Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still "topped" by Taeyeon (SNSD).

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Despite continuously "exploding jobs" since establishing her own company, recently, Jennie was surpassed by her senior Taeyeon (SNSD) in the Kpop female idol brand value rankings. This information attracted the attention of the Korean music fan community.

The Korean Brand Reputation Research Institute has announced the Kpop female idol brand value rankings for February 2024. Among them, "senior" Taeyeon rose to the top, surpassing two other famous idols, BLACKPINK's Jennie and TWICE's Jihyo.

According to analytical data, Taeyeon did this thanks to her memorable musical achievements. The terms associated with SNSD members are "long-lasting", "lovely" and "supportive". Meanwhile, with the keyword analysis, the audience searched for Taeyeon in February with "To. X", "Dream" and "music queen". Big. X and Dream are both hit songs of the female idol and are extremely loved by fans in Korea.

Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still topped by Taeyeon (SNSD). - Photo 1

After the results were posted, fans were extremely proud and congratulated Taeyeon. Many people realize that 2nd generation stars top the charts purely with their musical ability, not related to advertising or any other content. This once again proves Taeyeon and the female singer's appeal in the Korean music world.

The next positions in this month's brand value rankings belong to Jennie of BLACKPINK, Jihyo of TWICE, Hanni of NewJeans, Jisoo of BLACKPINK...

With Taeyeon's spectacular "comeback", BLACKPINK's Jennie could not maintain the number 1 position in the rankings after only 1 month. Remember that in January 2024, Jennie "covered" the media when she announced the establishment of her own company and continuously appeared in shows and reality shows.

Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still topped by Taeyeon (SNSD). - Photo 2

Despite losing the leading position to her seniors, recently, Jennie quietly broke a series of records with the soundtrack song in collaboration with The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp. Released in July 2023, the original One of the Girls - OST The Idol marked the first time The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp and Jennie collaborated amid the controversy and noise of the movie. But at the end of 2023, the song suddenly "went upstream", starting to become popular with Jennie's fan community through million-view clips on TikTok.

Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still topped by Taeyeon (SNSD). - Photo 3

The virality of the catchy, seductive melody brought One of the Girls back to the global Spotify chart. After more than 2 months of persistently climbing to the top, despite UMG withdrawing its music from TikTok, One of the Girls helps The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp and especially Jennie continuously conquer new achievement milestones.

With only 3 solo songs, Jennie surpassed both BTS and Jung Kook to become the Kpop artist with the highest number of monthly listeners in Spotify history (36.8 million people - data as of February 13, 2024). This number is still increasing day by day thanks to the tremendous spread of One of the Girls.

Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still topped by Taeyeon (SNSD). - Photo 4

In Korea, One of the Girls is the most played song by a Kpop artist released in 2023 on Spotify with a total of 470 million streams, surpassing the previous record belonging to Super Shy of NewJeans.

Digital music rankings increased like a "kite in the wind", One of the Girls also made Jennie the highest-ranking female Kpop solo artist on the Billboard H.ot 100. One of the Girls is also the longest-ranking song on the H.ot 100 of a female Kpop solo artist (6 weeks). With this achievement, Jennie surpassed her younger sister Rosé, breaking the Kpop record on the H.ot 100.

Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still topped by Taeyeon (SNSD). - Photo 5

Holding a series of records even though she has not officially returned to solo promotion, Jennie is the most notable name on international music charts. After forming ODDATELIER, female rapper BLACKPINK continuously "exploded" her personal work, showing a promising future. "Opening the bowl" of 2024 with proud new milestones, Jenstans are looking forward to Jennie's solo album more than 5 years since SOLO.

Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still topped by Taeyeon (SNSD). - Photo 6

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