Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal

Nguyễn KimMay 29, 2024 at 13:32

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After nearly a year studying abroad in Australia, Y Nhi's side has confirmed that they will return in the near future to participate in some sports-related activities. This is considered the first comeback since the queen got into trouble after her coronation.

Miss Y Nhi is one of the beauties with social media coverage in the past year with many personal incidents. Recently, Miss Y Nhi was announced as one of the Misses and Runners-up who will participate in the 2024 Strong Vietnam Marathon event taking place in September 2024 in Vung Tau.

Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal - Photo 1

This means that the beauty born in 2002 will return to Vietnam after nearly 1 year of studying in Australia. Miss Y Nhi shared: "Accompanying Strong Vietnam this time, Nhi wants to conquer herself with a 5km run." The representative said they will share information and specific time when Y Nhi will return home in the near future.

In 2023, Miss Y Nhi is considered the most controversial person in showbiz. She was f.orced to stop all entertainment activities and stay hidden for 3 months. After that, the beauty from Binh Dinh suddenly announced that she would study abroad in Australia thanks to receiving a 20% scholarship from the International University of Ho Chi Minh City National University. HCM.

Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal - Photo 2

After coming to Australia, Y Nhi gradually regained the love of her fans. She is more open in updating social networks but still prioritizes studying. In addition, the beauty from Binh Dinh also scored points when she worked hard to earn more income and pay for daily living expenses. She wishes her family and company would have less of a burden.

Not long ago, social networks reported that Miss Y Nhi had quietly married her boyfriend Anh Kiet. Afterwards, the queen's representative denied: "Y Nhi is currently focusing on studying abroad in Australia and some preparations for the 72nd Miss World. Therefore, Y Nhi has not thought about getting married, this is completely fabricated information."

Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal - Photo 3

In March 2024, Miss Y Nhi was announced to represent Vietnam to compete at Miss World 2025. Beauty forums were also buzzing about the timeline for the 72nd season of the competition. Miss World 2025 will be held in February - March of the same year, meaning Miss Y Nhi only has about 1 year to prepare.

Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal - Photo 4

Compared to her sister Mai Phuong, Miss Binh Dinh is somewhat disadvantaged in terms of training time. She even had to share her time studying in Australia. This makes the public unable to feel secure about Miss Y Nhi "bringing the bell to f.ight in foreign lands".

According to the Miss World Vietnam Organizing Committee, they chose Miss Y Nhi for the international competition because they saw the efforts of the g.irl from Binh Dinh to rise up and accept challenges.

"In Y Nhi, I see the effort. You are always in the mindset of 'you have to move, you have to move' without waiting for the crew to encourage or comfort you. You know what you have to do now is your choice. effort, progress.

And that is the spirit that the Miss World Vietnam team saw to make today's decision. It is certain that we are choosing the right person," said Miss World Vietnam President.

Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal - Photo 5

As for Y Nhi, she confided: "Participating in the 72nd Miss World contest is a wonderful thing. This pushes me to study and practice more, so that everything can achieve good results." as possible. In addition to comments and public posts, I also received private messages of support from everyone who gave me a lot of motivation to try.

Huynh Tran Y Nhi was born in 2002, from Binh Dinh. The beauty has beautiful b.ody proportions with a height of 1m75 and a bust size of 79-59-89 cm. She used to work as a freelance photo model before competing in Miss World Vietnam 2023. At the contest, the Binh Dinh beauty was considered to have good catwalk skills, flexibility and sharp charisma.

Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal - Photo 6

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