Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi won't have time to prepare

SnowApr 12, 2024 at 17:30

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After the success of 2024, recently, the Miss World organization officially announced the time of season 72. Many Vietnamese fans expressed concern for Y Nhi, will she be able to prepare for the battle in time?

On the evening of April 11, the organizers of the Miss World contest posted congratulatory content to the new Miss Spain on social networking platforms. In parallel with the personal profile of the 23-year-old beauty, the swashbuckling weightlifter also revealed the time of season 72.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 1

Accordingly, the journey to find the successor to the reigning Miss World - Krystyna Pyszková is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025. Miss World 2024 is 1.81m tall, has a model-like b.ody and a bright face. like a doll.

Many viewers commented that her appearance had many similarities with her predecessor, Miss Poland - Karolina Bielawska. Because both have sweet, seductive beauty with white skin and blonde hair according to European beauty standards.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 2

It is known that Miss Krystyna Pyszková is currently a model, is also studying for a master's degree in business administration at MCI Innsbruck, Austria and has graduated in law from Karl University, Prague.

The beauty also introduced that she is a supporter of sustainable development through education and has established a private charity fund in her hometown. The foundation focuses on providing a number of educational programs not only for children but also for the elderly and the mentally disabled.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 3

Returning to the candidates for Miss World season 72, up to now there have been more than 38 countries and territories sending representatives to compete. According to the previous statement from the managing unit, Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Huynh Tran Y Nhi will continue the mission of Miss Mai Phuong.

Thus, the representative of the Vietnamese sash s.trip will have more than 8 months to prepare for the journey of "bringing the bell to f.ight in foreign lands". Despite having a long time to practice and hone her skills, many netizens still expressed concern about the Binh Dinh beauty's ability to reach the top.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 4

It can be seen that after the period 2019 to 2021, the "cycle" of the world beauty arena has changed significantly. No longer organizing consecutive competition stages every year, Miss World has stagnated with a period of 2 years and 1 season.

From here, countries and territories have more time to find bright candidates as well as train and hone their skills as thoroughly as possible. However, the lengthy process is also considered a "double-edged sword" for the common level in beauty contests.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 5

For example, the case of Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong in season 71. After many changes to the Miss World organization's schedule, it was not until March 2024 that she was able to go to India to f.ight. In summary, the beauty from Dong Nai has more than 15 months to perfect herself as well as her philanthropic project.

Many fans were extremely looking forward to a happy ending for the beauty born in 1999. However, Mai Phuong stopped at the Top 40 with the title of Winner of the Multimedia challenge category filled with regret.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 6

Competing with opponents from five continents is pressure. Not achieving the final result is even more stressful. After the ranking announcement night, many opinions said that Miss World Vietnam 2022's achievements were not accurate.

On forums, netizens discuss Mai Phuong's actual fighting ability when facing off against a formidable international team. Not to mention, a part of beauty fans also expressed disagreement about her training and competition journey.

As for Miss World Vietnam 2023, she is living and studying in Sydney, Australia. According to information from the managing unit, Y Nhi received skills training, b.ody care and exercise with a Vietnamese professional team via online form.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 7

Furthermore, living in an international environment, the audience is no longer too worried about the queen's communication skills and use of English. On social networking platforms, the beauty born in 2002 has made significant preparations. In the voting application proposed by the organizers, she also created an account and shared daily content.

However, fans are still quite worried because the model from Binh Dinh has not yet made an official announcement or move on the charity project - a category considered a measure of reaching the Miss World crown.

Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi wont have time to prepare - Photo 8

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