HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to "live luxuriously" after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia

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Netizens couldn't help but be surprised by the luxurious life of Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Y Nhi while studying abroad in Australia. She is not afraid to spend m.oney to enjoy expensive dishes and enjoy the high life.

The current life of the reigning Miss World Vietnam - Huynh Tran Y Nhi is gradually becoming more stable after many months of studying abroad. Recently, on her personal page, the beauty from Binh Dinh attracted attention when she showed off photos of her having lunch with many expensive seafood dishes, making the online community admire.

Accordingly, the queen's lunch includes many expensive dishes such as king crab claws, cheese scallops and Japanese-style raw oysters. This image immediately received a lot of attention from the online community. Many comments expressed surprise and admiration at the queen's luxurious lifestyle in the West.

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 1

However, in reality, this is just one of the rare moments that Y Nhi has had a luxurious meal since going to Australia to study. That also partly shows that Miss Y Nhi's life is now gradually more stable, no need to eat and drink as strictly as before.

Before that, when she first came to Australia, the beauty from Binh Dinh shared that she worked part-time at a store for about 5-7 hours/day to earn extra income to help her family. In addition, she and her cousin often cook at home to save on living expenses.

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 2

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 3

Currently, Y Nhi is gradually becoming more open in using social networks. The beauty regularly updates life images to the audience and receives a lot of love from the public. Besides, Y Nhi's studying abroad and staying away from showbiz makes fans have a more sympathetic and sympathetic view of her previous immature statements.

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 4

It is known that Y Nhi is studying Business Administration at Sydney University for about 2 years. During her stay in hiding for 3 months, the beauty was praised by the school for her good academic performance and qualified for the 2-2 joint study abroad program.

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 5

During the recent Tet holiday, Miss Y Nhi also chose to stay in a foreign land and signed up to work part-time in addition to studying. In addition, the queen also spent all the m.oney from her first month working part-time in Australia and sent it back to Vietnam to donate to households in difficult circumstances in Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province.

Y Nhi is 21 years old, 1.75m tall, and is a student majoring in Business Administration at International University. The g.irl from Binh Dinh won the Miss World Vietnam contest in July 2023.

Although she is highly appreciated for her beauty and education, after being crowned, the beauty continuously encountered noise about her statements, typically sharing things related to her boyfriend or the incident of "naming 3 famous people in Vietnam". Pacify". The incident caused Y Nhi to receive a wave of criticism, many people even joined the boycott group, proposing to s.trip the beauty born in 2002 of her crown.

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 6

In response to the reaction of netizens, Miss Y Nhi once apologized, saying she had seriously acknowledged her shortcomings. She wrote on her personal page: "Y Nhi sincerely thanks and acknowledges all the contributions and shares of Vietnamese beauty fans. I hope everyone will open their hearts, accept and give Y Nhi time." time to improve our shortcomings". Since this incident, Y Nhi has almost "remained hidden", not appearing at entertainment events, including the activities of her management company.

HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to live luxuriously after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia - Photo 7

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