Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now?

An NhiAug 27, 2022 at 10:23

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Huu Vi is one of the male gods of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. He became the ideal boyfriend image many girls look for because of his perfect appearance, masculinity and warm voice full of charm.

In the Vietnamese model village, Huu Vi is considered one of the most dashing "beauties" of Vbiz. In 2014, he excellently won the 3rd runner-up position of the Mister Global - Global Nam Vuong contest thanks to his good-looking appearance and delicate behavior. This is also a remarkable milestone in his career. Since then, Huu Vi has become a bright face in the fashion industry, regularly appearing in major publications and magazines.

The male god Vbiz has an erratic beauty style

Huu Vi started to work prominently in the fashion industry in 2010. At that time, the male model appeared with the image of a gentle, scholarly b.oy. By 2012, he changed with a more masculine and mature image. Huu Vi became the face with the highest frequency in the modeling world.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 1

Huu Vi is considered one of the most dashing "beauties" in Vbiz. After w.inning the Mister Global 2014 runner-up title, he became a bright face that many designers "chosen to send gold" of the Vietnamese fashion village.

Possessing a handsome face and a toned 6-pack, he quickly caught the eye of many famous directors. After that, Huu Vi also received invitations to act in advertisements, movies, and music videos of many female singers such as Bich Phuong, Bao Anh, etc. And began to take on supporting roles in a series of film projects. photos such as: sitcom Campaign Against Epoch, movie Long Legs Agent, Glee Vietnam...

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 2

When taking on the role of leading The Face 2017, Huu Vi received mixed opinions because of her outdated fashion style and sloppy long hair. Not only that, the scandals of his private life also made him somewhat lose points in the eyes of the audience.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 3

After that, male model Huu Vi quickly regained his form and returned to the screen with the role of Bao Huy in the Vietnamese version of the movie Descendants of the Sun, which was highly appreciated for his acting. However, after this movie, the male model seems to be hidden, he rarely appears in events or artistic activities.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 4

In mid-2020, Huu Vi suddenly returned to the film race. But his new image continues to disappoint many viewers. No longer the level of a male god as before, the male model became emaciated, his hair was sloppy and looked very shabby.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 5

Huu Vi is probably one of the names with the most "erratic ups and downs" in Vietnamese showbiz. Not long after that emaciated appearance, the male model returned to the image of a 6-pack handsome man. In the film project Devil's Eye, he is even more masculine and tough.

This is also a milestone marking the promotion of her beauty. In mid-2022, the actor returned with a new set of photos. An angular face with muscular muscles, showing a solid, masculine look has "cut the hearts" of female fans. Huu Vi's fashion style and neat shape are far from the time leading The Face.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 6

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 7

Huu Vi is considered a potential face of the Vietnamese film industry. Fans hope to see him back soon with the latest projects in the near future.

Huu Vi's private life and scandals

In 2014, Huu Vi and Vu Ngoc Anh - Top 5 Miss Vietnam officially publicly dated. He and his girlfriend often appear together in many large and small events in showbiz. They are considered a beautiful couple, well-proportioned in appearance. However, after 3 years together, the two broke up.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 8

When participating in The Face Vietnam season 2, Huu Vi disappointed fans by his somewhat uncharacteristic behavior. Specifically, when asked a question by a reporter, Huu Vi sat back at the table while answering. Meanwhile, The Face Thailand coach - Lukkade was sitting next to him. Huu Vi's actions made many people present at the press conference feel that they were not respected.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 9

On social networks, Huu Vi's photo capturing that "carefree" moment received mixed opinions. Most people think that The Face Vietnam host's action season 2 is unprofessional, uncultured and disrespectful to everyone around.

In 2017, Huu Vi made the audience "hot" when posting a h.ot "offensive" photo on personal. Although the s.hooting angle is not too clear, many people have expressed discomfort and condemnation of this photo. Fans speculated that the g.irl in the other photo could be Diep Linh Chau when the two often appeared together at that time. However, Diep Linh Chau quickly stated that she had nothing to do with the sensitive photo just now.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 10

Being classified as a hidden g.irl in the "talking hand" photo, former love Huu Vi - Vu Ngoc Anh - also became the subject of suspicion because she used to wear the same mesh shirt as Diep Linh Chau. Many funny comments said that Huu Vi seems to like girls of the "fishing net" style.

Meanwhile, when talking about the sensitive photo scandal, Huu Vi was extremely calm. He said, "I have a lot of photo scandals. No, actually people see it as a scandal, but I don't. I don't see any problem since I posted those photos that people consider sensitive. After people talk about it on the internet, sometimes it's not until the end of the day that I know my photo is so controversial.

Honestly, those images compared to what I've posted before, don't "penetrate anything". But because at that time, I received too much attention from everyone, so everything was pushed further.

I can't force people to come to my own opinion of beauty on this. But I can't change my mind either. I won't change that nature of mine either."

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 11

In an interview, Huu Vi also frankly shared: "I don't deny that everything has a limit when artists have to be responsible to the public. But I or any other artist are me. independent, different and have a private life. I can't create a perfect image the way the public wants, but it's not me."

From a handsome, masculine guy who always creates attraction through fashion shoots, Huu Vi has been compared to a male god in the Vietnamese model village, but now, a number of scandals have made Huu Vi somewhat lost. score with the audience. This is probably a pity for him because the image is a very important thing for the artist, once it is affected and it is not easy to regain sympathy with the fans.

Huu Vi - The male god Vbiz was criticized for his "sensitive" photo scandal now? - Photo 12

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