Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine!

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Stories about the secret history of China are always interesting topics for anyone, such as the Emperor's "sex" story. The following content will suggest a part of the extremely principled bedroom life of ancient Chinese kings.

It is known that in ancient China, most of the emperors often ascended the throne when they were more than 10 years old - the age had not yet reached puberty, but they had to consider marriage, getting married, taking concubines, ...

Most people think that the Emperor's "first time" must be with the Empress or his concubines, but that is not the case.

Most of the Princes after birth have nannies to take care of them. The simple reason is that the concubines after giving birth all rush into the "battle" to keep fit, they don't have much time to take care of the Prince.

Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine! - Photo 1

The nannies who take care of the Prince day and night range in age from 15 to 20 years old. Appearance must be good-looking and healthy. Being close to the Prince since childhood, with daily contact, these nannies easily become the first to "enlighten" and pass on their bedroom experience to the Prince.

The fate of these nannies is rather bleak. Later, those who were not given any title due to their low status could only continue to be the Emperor's nanny for life. But there are also a few lucky nannies who are "dotted" by the Emperor, favored and given a clear title, even conferred as the Emperor's concubine.

In addition, the second object that is easily given by the Emperor "for the first time" is the palace lady in charge of educating the Emperor about "bed". During the Qing Dynasty, there were 8 court ladies selected to become the one who taught the Emperor sexual theory and imparted practical knowledge of "bed sex" to the Emperor every day.

Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine! - Photo 2

These female officials must be beautiful, with a decent character, so that they can help the Emperor learn and get acquainted with psychological knowledge in a "professional" way without being shy. Possessing outstanding appearance and gentle personality, some female officials were often in contact with the Emperor, so they easily fell in love. Thanks to that path, they will one step up high and become concubines loved by the king.

However, there were also female officials who were relatively content with the non-combatant life of becoming the Emperor's concubine. They still get paid, leave the palace to return to their homeland, then get married, have children, live a simple life, the outcome of these people is often better than those who like to f.ight in the harem.

Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine! - Photo 3

Besides the Emperors, there were always hundreds to thousands of different concubines and beauties and this was completely allowed under the Chinese feudalism, because of the strong belief that the more lovers around, the longer the lifespan. of the emperor will be longer and longer. Legend has it that the first Emperor of China, the ancestor of the current Han lineage, once had i.ntercourse with thousands of virgin girls - a practice that was against the morals of the time. .

Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine! - Photo 4

By the Sui Dynasty, the last king of that dynasty was Emperor Yang (581-618) who had a queen, 2 concubines, 6 concubines, 72 concubines and more than 3,000 concubines. however, that was not enough to satisfy the lust of this "fornicated" Emperor. According to a court historian, Emperor Sui often abducted underage girls and placed them in a specially crafted chair, nicknamed "the chastity chair". As soon as you sit on this chair, the keychains will be released to tie the poor g.irl's limbs, and the bottom pad will be raised just enough so that the Emperor can easily give "special" grace" for that g.irl.

Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine! - Photo 5

With such intensity and large number, the orderly arrangement of the Emperor's "living room" schedule is considered a paramount task, in order to ensure the b.ody of the head of the country. This process during the Qing Dynasty was carried out by a separate agency called the Kinh Su Chamber. This agency is under the management of the Home Office, which is in charge of recording and managing the royal court visit of the king.

For that reason, the first calendar watches were invented by the Chinese in the 10th century, although they were not primarily used to keep track of time. Instead, they used these watches to schedule, determine the frequency and timetable for the beautiful ladies to come to serve the emperor. The eunuch will be responsible for looking after as well as marking the timetable after each time the Emperor is impregnated with the imperial red ink.

Who did the emperor have s.ex with for the first time: Not the queen or concubine! - Photo 6

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