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Hoa Minzy hid her sadness after being separated from her children and returned to her hometown to ask the villagers for one thing for her grandfather

Đức Trí14:33:02 21/03/2024
Female singer Hoa Minzy caused a stir when she unexpectedly performed at a village festival in her hometown. The female singer had a great time and was no longer sad even though little Bo had gone to Australia with her father. Not only that, she also asked for one thing for her grandfather.

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Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute

Gia Nhi06:03:35 07/12/2023
Singer Hoa Minzy caused a stir when she suddenly spoke out about her relationship with football player Van Toan. The attitude of the online community for constantly being pushed into a couple, emphasizing only close friends.

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Hoa Minzy announced that she would stop singing for 1-2 years, the owner clarified the reason, after hearing this, everyone was worried and 'green in the face'

Pinky16:37:02 21/11/2023
Female singer Hoa Minzy has just shared notable information about her singing career. She shocked netizens when she suddenly announced that she would stop singing minishows in the next 1-2 years, stating the reason clearly, making everyone who heard it sad.

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Hoa Minzy posted a forum to sell properties, accepting billions of losses just to take care of her son, fans were all worried at the same time.

Phúc Sen13:34:57 18/07/2023
Female singer Hoa Minzy has just posted a quick sale of assets, even accepting a loss of billions just to worry about her son, people are worried about her, hoping she can find a buyer soon.

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Hoa Minzy after breaking up with the young master's husband: B.aby Bo looked at her father and said "stiff", shocked because she changed her address

Pinky10:25:28 26/05/2023
B.aby Bo - Hoa Minzy's son and young master's boyfriend Minh Hai attracted the attention of people by the meeting between the b.oy and his father after a long time of separation, the internet was more tumultuous when the b.aby's address was unexpected. change. Singer Hoa Minzy...

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Hoa Minzy tells her miserable past after breaking up with young master Minh Hai: "Mom works as an assistant, 5 children have to eat leftovers"

Nam Phương15:13:08 21/10/2022
Before having a affluent life like the present, Hoa Minzy revealed that her parents worked hard, raised her siblings to study well. There was a time when the family struggled because of a debt of up to hundreds of millions of dong. After parting with young master Minh Hai, Hoa...

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