Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022?

N.PNov 14, 2022 at 10:20

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Miss Mai Phuong is currently receiving many good signals before the battle of Miss World Vietnam 2022. The beauty and education level of the queen is highly appreciated and is expected to reach the TOP 7.

After 3 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong is the name that has received a lot of attention from beauty fans, with her beauty, education level as well as fluency in English, Mai Phuong has received a lot of attention. many hope to become a potential factor to win a high rank at Miss World 2022.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 1

With a beautiful b.ody and attractive charisma, the g.irl born in 1999 is full of opportunities to bring the best achievements to Vietnam. Having made relentless efforts when participating in beauty contests, Mai Phuong put all her heart into the Miss World battle.

Although the Miss World 2022 contest has not announced a specific date, but so far, many countries have chosen representatives ready to go to war.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 2

Recently, according to the ranking of an international beauty site, Mai Phuong is one of the 7 names that have been b.et for the highest position. Although it is only a subjective prediction, it is clear that Mai Phuong's youthful beauty is attracting the eyes of many experts. The queen is a potential factor that the organizers of Miss World as well as beauty fans are looking for.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 3

Not only possessing fluent and fluent English, Mai Phuong is also known as a beautiful woman who actively participates in volunteer activities and works. She once won the Beauty of Mercy a.ward at Miss Vietnam 2020. This is an advantage when the Miss World contest is an arena that promotes beauty for a noble purpose and mission.

Recently, Miss Mai Phuong also attracted attention when showing her bilingual talent at the event of the Hanoi International Film Festival. Although standing next to an experienced MC like Duc Bao, the queen is still confident and not overwhelmed. Besides, the beauty when being secretly filmed by the queen also made many people stir.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 4

The Miss World 2022 pageant is expected to be held later this year. Countries are actively looking for representatives to be ready to f.ight and win the prestigious blue crown. On the eve of the new season being opened, on the beauty forums, there is news that the copyright of Miss World has returned to a new owner.

Accordingly, the British businessman of Nepalese origin - Deependra Gurung has become the co-owner of the Miss World pageant. This has been confirmed by the owner and the prestigious beauty contest website PageantImpress.

"Hopefully other beauty contests also have charitable and charitable activities such as Beauty with a Purpose by Miss World initiated and developed by Ms. Julia Morley. At the 71st Miss World, we will take action. to appreciate the contribution of Mrs. Julia Morley", the British businessman shared.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 5

Accordingly, the "new owner" of the contest will officially take on the "responsibility" of operating the Miss World contest from this year and even insist that Miss World 2024 will be held in Nepal. For beauty fans, if this event comes true, it will also be a surprise, because since Miss World was established in 1951, Mr. Eric Morley and his wife, Julia Morley (since then). 2000) took over the running of the contest.

Miss World 2022 is scheduled to be held in Singapore, Japan and Poland. Not long ago, Dipendra went to Singapore with the reigning Miss World 2021 and had a meeting and negotiation with the Singapore Minister of Culture to expedite the preparations for the 71st season.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 6

For beauty fans, the innovation between the old unit and the new unit is also one of the things that fit the trend. Because, each ruler will have a different view of beauty. The representative of Vietnam, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong, will attend Miss World later this year. Many people predict that the change of a new owner will contribute to transmitting luck to the beautiful people born in 1999.

On the eve of the main battle, Mai Phuong clearly expressed her ambition and will. She said: "I am very stubborn and have endurance. I know what I lack and always try to make up for it with other things as much as possible to be convincing enough. restore".

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 7

In order to achieve a high rank in the most fierce beauty arena on the planet, Mai Phuong needs to carefully prepare her demeanor so that she can stand out among the beauties from all over the world. Besides, she needs a charitable project that is contagious. For a long time, Miss World organization is very interested in the projects that the contestants perform. Before that, Mai Phuong even sold her crown to carry out a charity project.

Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022? - Photo 8

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