Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing?

Hoàng PhúcAug 23, 2022 at 10:35

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Recently, on the official social network of Miss Grand Vietnam has just posted a short clip capturing the rare moment of showing off Miss Thuy Tien's voice. Many people predict that the queen will follow LONA Kieu Loan to debut as a singer.

Specifically, according to the posted video, although shy, but with the support of the crew and the promise "not to post videos on social networks", the beauty born in 1998 confidently performed the song Give Me A Chance. This is also the song Miss Mai Phuong and runner-up Kieu Loan used to sing in many previous stages.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 1

It can be seen that besides the confidence and grace, it is undeniable that the current Miss has an impressive and inspiring voice. Besides, the diverse and humorous expressions of the beauty make the followers laugh and joke. Even director Hoang Nhat Nam sitting next to him also showed a helpless face with the energy and passion of "pet chicken".

Under the comment section, many viewers even advised Thuy Tien to change her career right after the end of her term. "Just stop singing and still sing", "Don't say I'll change my career as a singer next year", "Still good, I swear I won't upload this clip"... are some notable comments.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 2

Previously, Thuy Tien's fans were extremely excited by the clip of the queen singing a part in the song "Last Autumn" (Yanbi, Mr.T, Hang Bing Boong). What makes viewers interested in this clip is that Thuy Tien's singing is really serious and thoughtful.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 3

The last autumn is an RnB-sounding song, so it requires a lot of attachment in the way of singing, although it is not so good with the "run notes", but Thuy Tien has proven to be stable. Not only that, she also catches the music very well without any offbeat problems.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 4

Under the clip, many people praised this performance of Miss Thuy Tien. Many people even joked that in the future, maybe the queen would encroach on singing like her housemate LONA Kieu Loan?

Before that, while in Angola, Thuy Tien also showed her talent in singing "homemade" to give Quang Linh. Miss Hau showed her talent to sing the hit song Little but long, and both male youtubers held the phone to show the lyrics and made the cameraman film the entire cover of Thuy Tien. However, while she was passionately singing, the male YouTuber said a "green" sentence: "The voice is so sour but the singing is so good!", surprising everyone in the audience.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 5

It can be seen that, in addition to the image of energy and enthusiasm, Miss Thuy Tien also scored with an impressive talent image. In addition to the remarkable ability to acquire foreign languages, the beauty also has a great passion for singing. She comfortably showed off her sweet, inspiring live voice through "gut" songs.

In a sharing with the media, Miss Thuy Tien said that she will continue to try different roles after finishing the incumbent journey. The 24-year-old beauty wants to show her acting ability in front of the camera.

Thuy Tien is a prominent name in the entertainment industry today when she is crowned Miss International Peace 2021. After the coronation, Thuy Tien's charm has not cooled down, but on the contrary, her name is still received. received a lot of attention from the audience. In addition to the charity activities that have made a lot of noise, Thuy Tien has also continuously participated in many entertainment events in recent years.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 6

Most recently, Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlog captivated their home fans with a memorable volunteer trip in Angola. The two not only gave clean water wells to the people here, but also made netizens extremely excited about the moments of "break in love", since this has also made netizens "push the boat" extremely stalking. roast.

Only about 2 more months, Miss Thuy Tien will end her memorable term when the final of Miss Grand International 2022 will take place in Indonesia next October. Right before the end of her term, she revealed her new schedule.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 7

Accordingly, Thuy Tien will go to Malaysia to attend the final of Miss Grand Malaysia from August 25 to 29, then she will go to India to attend the final of Miss Grand India from September 1 to 4.

Thus, except for Thailand and Vietnam, during her incumbent trip, Thuy Tien visited 11 countries including: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Angola, United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania, Malaysia, India and Vietnam. Indonesia - the country that will host Miss Grand 2022 in October.

Thuy Tien debuted as a singer after being praised by Quang Linh Vlog sobbing? - Photo 8

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