Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon

Bút MựcMay 17, 2024 at 14:15

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Do Thi Ha was born in 2001. At the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest, the 19-year-old g.irl initially caused a lot of controversy because she was considered pale in beauty and her skills were not really outstanding, but then she appeared. won the highest honor.

Recalling the most crisis time after the coronation, Do Thi Ha shared that she was born in a farming family, so w.inning the top position at Miss Vietnam 2020 not only surprised her but also overwhelmed her parents.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 1

"Just after the moment I was crowned, information in the press and social networks was flooded. But the most difficult and stressful time for me was one month right after w.inning the Miss Vietnam crown. At that time, with a tight schedule, I was really tired but more worried when my parents were restless because of me," the queen confided.

Afterwards, images of Do Thi Ha's hands and feet covered in mud after returning from working in the fields were shared across social networks, receiving a lot of public attention and comments. When coming to the Miss World beauty pageant, the Queen also proudly introduced the candid images of her childhood working in the fields to international friends. She shared: "Since I was a c.hild, I was raised to become a courageous, energetic, dynamic and creative woman."

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 2

Thanks to her impressive performance, she reached the top 27 of the talent competition, the top 16 of Head to Head Challenge, the top 13 of Top Model and stopped at the top 13 overall in her journey at Miss World 2021.

During her time in office, Do Thi Ha was also a familiar face, appearing at fashion shows of famous designers. Every time she appears, the queen surprises fans with her diverse transformations. Do Thi Ha was commented by the audience as a professional and always punctual at work.

In addition, the queen actively contributes to the community with many meaningful projects such as building houses for people in the Central region after storms and floods, providing relief to people after the effects of the pandemic, or maintaining a scholarship fund to promote learning. bear my name.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 3

Do Thi Ha ends her term as Miss Vietnam in December 2022. A few months later, she received a bachelor's degree in Business Law from the National Economics University.

Miss Do Thi Ha said she is currently trying to complete her subjects and prepare to graduate on time. "As everyone knows, the title of Miss Vietnam is extremely prestigious, that's why I cannot neglect my studies. I may not have graduated with honors or be in the top 1 in my class or at school, but I must complete her studies to be worthy of her title of Miss Vietnam."

After graduating, in November 2023, she took on the position of co-founder and CEO of a 5-star international beauty salon in Hanoi. The beauty queen hopes that through beauty, she can help those around her feel more confident, and at the same time help her challenge herself with new goals.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 4

To serve her new job as well as her vision of becoming an entrepreneur, Do Thi Ha is considering studying for a Master's degree in business.

'I believe with the knowledge of financial management, marketing strategies and leadership skills that I have learned, I can apply them to develop my career and business. Studying for a Master's degree also helps me build a valuable network of relationships with students and lecturers, opening up opportunities to collaborate and learn from experienced people,' Do Thi Ha said.

After her term, Do Thi Ha finds herself more mature in life experience, knowledge, and skills. She went to many places, met many people, and experienced many new things. She learned a lot from experiences, learned how to face challenges and pressure.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 5

'As a beauty queen, I always have to preserve my image and reputation. This sometimes makes me feel pressured, but it also motivates me to try to improve myself,' she confided.

The beauty said she wanted to become her own tycoon, not because she wanted to be rich, but because she wanted to prove to everyone that women can be independent, successful and achieve many achievements in their careers. .

She believes women can do anything, as long as they have passion and effort. 'Becoming a beauty queen, I have the opportunity to participate in many projects, earn more income and improve my social status. I don't put financial goals first. I know what is enough so I am still satisfied with my current life,' Do Thi Ha said.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 6

Do Thi Ha said that when her term ends, everyone has their own direction such as being a model, MC, actress, singer. She felt that she was not suitable for these fields, so she temporarily turned to business. 'That doesn't mean I give up my job and mission as a beauty queen. With art, if I have the right opportunity, I will try it. For now, I still attend events and do volunteer activities as Miss Vietnam,' she said.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 7

In early 2024, rumors spread on social networks that Do Thi Ha was dating and about to marry a young master of a large corporation. When asked about getting married, Do Thi Ha said: "I don't deny it because I don't know what the future will be like. I always try for the present and hope for a better future. If that comes It's good, because every g.irl wants to have someone by her side for the rest of her life."

Do Thi Ha said she does not hide her love life but has not made it public because she wants to keep her boyfriend's peace. "I just want to keep my loved ones away from public scrutiny and hope they can live in innocence and peace," she said.

Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon - Photo 8

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