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Miss Do Thi Ha used to have a transplant, and is now the girlfriend of a young master and CEO of a 5-star beauty salon

Bút Mực14:15:11 17/05/2024
Having caused controversy when she was crowned beauty queen at the age of 19, Do Thi Ha now has a career that many people dream of. She also spoke up about rumors that she was about to get married to a young man from a large corporation.

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The only queen named in the top 10 most influential people in the world

Phi Đức07:33:50 23/03/2024
Recently, Miss Universe 2023 - Sheynnis Palacios became the only beauty queen honored by a magazine as one of the 10 most influential people in the world. This makes beauty fans love and admire her even more.

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Top 3 most beautiful Miss World in the history of the pageant, Asia tops the ranking

Phương Thảo16:42:31 01/03/2024
Missosology has just released the Top 5 Miss World - the most beautiful Miss World in history. In this beauty list converging from 5 continents, India dominates with up to 3 representative faces. They are timeless monuments of beauty that are hard to knock down.

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The reigning Miss World "asked for help" from Do Long, Quan Nguyen - Pu Le in the final night

Mẫn Nhi15:14:51 26/02/2024
The reigning Miss World - Karolina Bielawska is preparing for her final walk after 3 years of wearing the crown. In particular, the people who will help her shine on this final night are the wizard couple Quan Nguyen - Pu Le and designer Do Long from Vietnam.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong gave a feverish English presentation and still went out to meet acquaintances

JLO10:06:16 22/02/2024
The Miss World contest - Miss World 2023 - is entering a dramatic phase in India. Recently, the famous beauty site Missosology released a prediction table for the largest beauty contest on the planet.

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Mai Phuong suffered at Miss World, the audience 'booed' because of discrimination

Phương Thảo15:26:11 21/02/2024
At the welcome party of Miss World 2023, the representative of Vietnam - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong performed extremely well. However, the audience still had to boo because of a detail that said the country's queen was being discriminated against at the competition.

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Karolina Bielawska shows off her great beauty, fans sob to shape Elsa: Beautiful like a Hollywood star

Minh Hà16:14:36 17/11/2022
The reigning Miss World 2021 Karolina Bielawska has received special attention from the media around the world over the past time. Miss Karolina Bielawska had an extremely smart outfit choice, helping her shine on the red carpet. Besides going to charity, Miss World Karolina...

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Do Thi Ha frankly commented on the new Miss World 2021: A bit surprised by the result

Nắng20:20:43 18/03/2022
Do Ha shared candidly about the new Miss World Karolina Bielawska. The final night of Miss World 2021 has officially ended with the victory belonging to Karolina Bielawska, a beauty from Poland. This result is expected because Karolina Bielawska is always in the top of the...

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Portrait of a Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021

Rosé10:52:46 17/03/2022
This position is considered to be fully deserved! The 70th Miss World Final was officially held in San Juan (Puerto Rico). The contest was interrupted at the end of 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. This time, only the top 40 contestants returned to the contest...

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Do Thi Ha and the journey to f.ight at Miss World 2021: From "Miss transplant" to the final Top 12

Nắng10:11:15 17/03/2022
On the final stage, Do Thi Ha shared that she felt great to be in the top and thanked the audience for their support over the past time. After 3 months of postponement due to the epidemic, the final of Miss World 2021 took place in Puerto Rico, with 40 contestants reaching the...

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Do Thi Ha brought a jewelry set of more than 100 million to auction, bringing a huge amount of m.oney to charity

Duyên Trần08:47:53 16/12/2021
Recently, on her personal page, Miss Do Thi Ha officially introduced to the public the outfit with her to attend the charity auction within the framework of the Miss World 2021 contest. Combining white and gold, designer Hoang Tony said the dress was inspired by the logo of the...

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My Le "responds" to Nguyen Vu after calling Do Thi Ha "bad and painful" at Miss World 2021

Hoàng Phúc15:00:59 02/12/2021
The female singer spoke up after being criticized for "criticizing" Do Thi Ha. Recently, the online community was aroused by the comments of singer My Le when talking about Miss Do Thi Ha. Specifically, an online account has an interesting post, related to Miss Vietnam 2020 - Do...

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