Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more "aroused"

Uyển ĐìnhFeb 19, 2024 at 13:41

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After a series of rumors that Do Thi Ha is dating the young master of the trillion corporation, causing people to stir, recently, the management company has officially spoken. However, the answer made netizens even more shocked.

Right at the end of her tenure, Do Thi Ha began to try her hand at many new fields. Besides studying, Do Thi Ha also started her own business. Recently, on showbiz discussion forums, rumors have continuously spread that Miss Do Thi Ha is dating. The clips and images of Do Thi Ha appearing next to a young man with a huge family, who is the young master of a corporation attract more attention.

Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more aroused - Photo 1

Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more aroused - Photo 2

After a period of silence, on the evening of February 18, Do Thi Ha's representative gave an official response about the romance of the beauty born in 2001. Accordingly, Do Thi Ha's management company believes that this is a personal matter of Do Thi Ha, so it cannot confirm this information.

"Dear viewers and especially those who are interested and love Miss Do Ha. In recent days, there has been information on social networks about Miss Do Ha's dating. From the agency of Miss Do Ha, we cannot confirm the dating information, because this is a personal matter of Miss Do."

Miss Do Ha has graduated from National Economics University in 2023 and plans to continue her graduate studies. Currently, Ha is pursuing her own business and continues to carry out the mission of a Miss Vietnam. We will update you when we have information. Best regards."

The answer was open, not confirmed but also not rebutted from the company, making netizens even more grounds to suspect Do Thi Ha is in love.

Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more aroused - Photo 3

Previously, Miss Do Thi Ha denied the information of marrying a b.oy from the same countryside: "'Someone from the same hometown said you are going to get married in the countryside?' The person from the same country raised his hand away. I mean, can both husband and speaker raise their hands, I also want to know who husband is?"

Regarding love, Hau once shared: "In love, I am not a difficult person but when it comes to choosing a boyfriend, I will set the standard a bit. Not high standards but I like someone who has the same outlook on life, thinking, thinking and when talking two people have to understand each other. Because before, I set a lot of standards on appearances, but now it's different, I'm more about what's inside a person."

Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more aroused - Photo 4

She said she hadn't really thought about getting married and wasn't sure about it. The beauty thinks that everything will depend on it, when she meets the right person, she may also get married, so she does not want to talk in advance.

Do Thi Ha once affirmed that she wants to build a career, the "rich" of her own life, not depending on others: "Many people always think of the title of miss with negative accompanying phrases such as 'giant', 'young master', 'daughter-in-law of the Hao Mon' family... As for me, I want to be the giant, the grandmother of my own life. Once I'm in that position, I'm ready to walk with men who don't have anything on their hands."

Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more aroused - Photo 5

Do Thi Ha is one of the famous Miss Vietnam. In 2020, she was crowned Miss Vietnam at the age of 19. Possessing a sweet, pretty beauty and long legs, Do Thi Ha quickly attracted much love from the audience. She represented Vietnam in the international contest Miss World 2021 and reached the top 13 overall.

Do Thi Ha was suspected of dating the young master, the miss spoke out but became more aroused - Photo 6

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