Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world

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In many movies, queens and concubines are often portrayed as being very loyal to the king. However, in fact, some concubines and even empresses acted "cuckold" with the emperor. Ho Thai Hau is a typical example of this case.

The queen cheated openly in the palace

Empress Hu, also known as Empress Dowager Hu, is a Chinese historical figure who was the empress of Emperor Wucheng of the Northern Qi dynasty. Her real name is not clearly recorded in the Book of Northern Qi and the Northern History, but it is known that she came from Anding District, Gansu Province, China. Her father is Ho Dien Chi and her mother is Lu Thi, their hometown is Pham Duong district.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 1

With her outstanding beauty, Ho Thi was married to Truong Quang, the North Qi king, Cao Tram, and became the wife of Truong Quang. In 556, she gave birth to a son, Gao Wei, who later became the Landlord of Northern Qi, and later she also gave birth to a second son named Cao Nghiem.

4 years later, Cao Dien - Cao Tram's brother launched a coup and became emperor. But after only a year, Cao Dien became seriously ill and passed away. In 561, Cao Tram won the throne, Ho Thi was crowned empress, Cao Vy's son was crowned prince.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 2

However, shortly after ascending the throne, Cao Tram ruined the life of his sister-in-law, Ly To Nga, and f.orced her to give birth to his c.hild. But Ly To Nga was not moved by Cao Tram, this made the emperor extremely angry, so he killed Ly To Nga's son, who is also his nephew.

At this time, Ho Thi became the empress and witnessed the brutal actions of her husband, she felt very indignant. However, because she had to save the royal face, she had to keep it a secret. After that, Ho Thi decided to retaliate against Emperor Vu Thanh. She chose a person who loved fame and fortune and was also a confidant of her husband, Hoa Sy Khai, to set a trap. Hoa Sy Khai was also happy to be friends with the empress because he wanted to strengthen his position in the court.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 3

After having Empress Ho as a support, Hoa Sy Khai immediately advised Emperor Vu Thanh to pass the throne to Ho Thi's son - Crown Prince Cao Vy - and then become a supreme emperor to enjoy. The king also obeyed and passed the throne to his son Cao Vy at the age of 8 to become the Northern Qi Empress. Three years later, Emperor Vũ Thành died at the age of 33 due to excessive drinking. Cao Vy became king and honored Ho Thi as empress dowager.

After that, Ho Thi and Hoa Sy Khai could have fun and be free in the palace. However, because of offending many people, not long after that Hoa Sy Khai was harmed and died. After her lover died, Ho Thi had an illicit relationship with Venerable Van Hien at a temple.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 4

She also found another 100 monks to enter the palace, under the pretext of praying for the peace of the country to cover the eyes of the world. Not stopping there, Ho Thi also let two monks posing as nuns stay by her side, she was so blatant that the whole palace knew about it except for her son, Emperor Cao Vy. Once, Cao Vy went to visit Empress Dowager Ho, seeing two beautiful and educated nuns, so he wanted to enlist as concubines. Since then, the story of Ho Thi causing chaos in the palace was discovered. Cao Wei imprisoned his mother and killed all of her lovers.

According to Chinese history books, Cao Zhan - ie Northern Qi Vu Thanh De, the main character of the film - was an insatiable adulteress, spending most of his reign on lavish parties, neglecting politics, making the system The political system of Northern Qi was in decline. However, under the hands of Vu Chinh, Cao Tram (Tran Hieu) in the movie "Luc Trinh Legend" suddenly turned into a hero in the midst of chaos, falling in love with only Luc Trinh (Trieu Le Dinh). ). This character once made many fans love and regret when he had to die early. Although this film is set in the Northern Qi Dynasty, the character of Empress Dowager Hu is not mentioned in the work.

Open the famous brothel in the world

After Northern Qi was defeated, Empress Dowager Hu and Empress Mu's daughter-in-law had to wander around to find a place to live. They sold all their jewelry to survive and then decided to open a brothel to make a living, while having fun. Thanks to the help of the beautiful palace maid and concubine, their brothel quickly became a famous entertainment place and earned a lot of m.oney.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 5

The mother and daughter's business is extremely developed, and the income is immeasurable. Gradually, Empress Dowager Hu felt extremely interested and passionate about this work. She even expressed excitement when she told Empress Mu that: "Looking back now, it is more fun to be a prostitute than to be a queen. In the palace of hundreds of women, there is only one man to serve, but now Now that I'm a bunch of men who have to serve me, to think that this is in accordance with the way of heaven." Perhaps, this is the "unique" declaration in China's 5,000-year history.

According to Baidu sources, later on, a rich salt merchant wanted to marry Empress Mu as his second wife. In order to return her salary, Empress Mu agreed to marry this merchant. However, the greedy Empress Dowager Hu did not want to pay the ransom for her daughter-in-law, and demanded that the merchant pay more to marry Empress Mu.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 6

After Empress Mu left, business at the brothel was extremely difficult, and Empress Mu was not much better. The merchant did not dare to bring Empress Mu home after learning about the reality at the brothel. However, after only two months, the merchant's wife chased Empress Mu away after learning of this.

Without support, Empress Mu had to beg and went to Chang'an to ask Empress Dowager Ho for permission to return to her old life. Empress Dowager Hu died in Chang'an in the year 600 due to illness after spending 10 years playing and enjoying. The story of this empress dowager voluntarily opening a brothel to earn a living has been recorded in history and is still passed on to the next generation.

Ho Thai Queen: Cuckold King, went back and forth with 100 monks, and opened a brothel with a famous name in the world - Photo 7

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