Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that "everyone's soul is kept", but now he's back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right?

Nhật HânOct 11, 2023 at 07:30

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After speaking up to "support" her favorite game Lam Chau, Ho Ngoc Ha recently continued to post to "blame" the online community for "misunderstanding" her team's fighter. The female singer's statement is causing a stir on social networks.

Amid the noise of her favorite student, model Lam Chau, on the afternoon of October 10, Ho Ngoc Ha posted a status line full of meaning about the words "listen and understand".

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 1

Specifically, the female singer said: "Listen and understand. You have to admit that the more you live, the more you understand. Talking is easy, listening is difficult. Misunderstandings are quick, but understanding takes time. And the older you get, the more you grow." I certainly like to learn and listen to the other person even more, because I believe that "everyone wants to speak, and everyone wants to be understood by others".

This is said to be Ho Ngoc Ha's first move after she spoke up to defend her "favorite" model Lam Chau when the female contestant caused controversy over her attitude when participating in a reality TV show.

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 2

However, the fact that the female singer wanted the audience to forgive Lam Chau made netizens even angrier than ever. Because of this female model's expressions and speech, many viewers felt that Lam Chau did not really respect the seniors and seniors on the show.

Previously, Ho Ngoc Ha posted a rather long article sharing about the "mistakes" of her beloved game Lam Chau. Accordingly, the female singer shared: "At 20 years old, I still have to learn many things. The problem is that Chau always knows how to listen, learn quickly and has sharpness.

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 3

Chau's face is just like mine, just looking at it sometimes makes me feel like I hate it, it's not until I have some experience and get older that I can control my facial muscles so that I get hated less and how to talk will definitely be after this." "Wake up" okay. Chau cried, like a c.hild scolded by his mother. And Chau is definitely getting bigger. The proof is that she knew how to say a sincere apology and sent it to me to see. I told you to post it, because if there's a mistake, you can correct it."

At the same time, the female singer said that if the students had a "superior" and "not yet a sparkling star" attitude, Lam Chau would have left the program very early. Besides, she also sent advice to her favorite student: "Courage is that when you win, you are still gentle with your surroundings and humble with everyone. Because sometimes you will lose hard."

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 4

Currently, netizens are still constantly talking about Ho Ngoc Ha speaking out in support of Lam Chau:

- I always support you, but Chau never does because her attitude is so clear.

- I feel sorry for Ms. Ha, but I'm sorry. I choose reason.

- If I knew it was a real mistake, I'd be happy, but locking comments doesn't mean I want to hear sincere opinions from the audience.

- Support Ms. Ha, and trust the people that Ms. Ha trusts.

- You are so smart and clever! Too admirable.

It is known that on the evening of October 9, Lam Chau made a new move that attracted the attention of netizens. She posted a long post apologizing: "Hello everyone. It's Lam Chau. Over the past few days, I've probably caused everyone who loves me to worry and feel a lot of sadness. I also "So. I really want to send everyone my sincere and deep apologies for the shortcomings I caused."

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 5

Team member Ho Ngoc Ha also apologized directly to Pong Chuan, Super Mentor Huong Giang: "I'm sorry, Ms. Pong Chuan. At that time, I was really so shaken that I didn't pay attention to every word in the sentence. I I apologize to Ms. Huong Giang for calling the name "team Huong Giang", I think I was calling it as a unique name for the team, not intentionally disrespecting you."

Right below the post, Pong Chuan - member of Lan Khue team also spoke up about Lam Chau's noise. She shared the message Lam Chau sent her right after episode 9 aired and supported her juniors: "Consider it a lesson and be strong. There's only one final night left, so give it your all." once again so as not to disappoint anyone. I feel sorry for the last partner in your and Giang's program."

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 6

Previously, Lam Chau was criticized for commenting on a post criticizing Lan Khue for being "cheap". However, Ho Ngoc Ha decided to stay silent and let this beauty handle the problem herself. After that, the g.irl born in 2003 posted an article apologizing to her seniors and admitting that she was wrong for not using social networks skillfully enough.

Ho Ngoc Ha once declared that everyones soul is kept, but now hes back to blaming the community: Misunderstandings are quick, right? - Photo 7

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