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Minh Tu burst into tears and apologized to Lan Khue for saying "Miss 10+1", mending the friendship

Minh Ngọc09:22:56 21/03/2024
Minh Tu - Lan Khue appeared together for the first time after many conflicts and disagreements for 8 years. Most recently, Minh Tu officially apologized directly to his friend who was very close that year, resolving all misunderstandings between the two.

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Miss World "5 times 7 turns" oppressed the Vietnamese representative, Lan Khue was the most frustrated

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:22:53 09/03/2024
Before the finals of the 71st Miss World, the flaws of the contest were constantly being noticed by beauty fans. After the noise of favoring the host country, the audience dug up the times the contest organizers f.orced the Vietnamese representative.

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Miss Viet has the highest achievement in Miss World, can Mai Phuong create miracles?

Khánh Huyền09:07:00 08/03/2024
During many years of continuously sending representatives to the largest beauty contest on the planet, Vietnam has achieved high achievements 3 times thanks to the fierce f.ight of these 3 beauties.

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TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names

Khánh Huyền14:28:00 20/02/2024
Many TikTokers have emerged thanks to their beauty and talent, attracting the attention of many social network users. These are two cases where even though they were involved in a lot of noise from the third person, they still confidently faced that wave.

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Lan Khue resigned, Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien was the MUVN Producer, Bui Quynh Hoa caused trouble

Hoàng Phúc15:31:59 29/01/2024
On the morning of January 29, the press conference to sign the announcement of the Producer of the Miss Universe Vietnam contest took place in Ho Chi Minh City. The people who stand in charge of MUVN are none other than Pharmacist Tien and Huong Giang.

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New owner sells 50% of Miss Universe shares, Minh Tu "closes the door" at MUVN because of Lan Khue?

Bảo Nam14:10:50 24/01/2024
On the evening of January 23, JKN Global Group (owner of Miss Universe - Miss Universe) announced that it had sold 50% of the contest's shares to partner Legacy Holding Group USA in a deal worth 16 USD. million USD (about 393 billion VND).

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Quynh Nga resigned as national director of MUVN, Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien took her place?

Bảo Nam17:18:26 19/01/2024
Recently, the official homepage of the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced to fans that Quynh Nga left her position as National Director of Miss Universe Vietnam due to personal reasons.

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HHHV VN contestant was taking the exam when she heard that her boyfriend died, Phuong My Chi gave up MGVN

Hoàng Phúc10:07:08 04/01/2024
According to Thomas Iris Thanh, her boyfriend died 3 days before the semi-finals of Miss Cosmo Vietnam - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. After reaching the Top 16 overall, the beauty paid tribute to her boyfriend.

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Ho Ngoc Ha "straightforwardly" pulled Huong Giang's hair in the middle of her birthday, the "extreme" attitude of both attracted attention

Thiên Di15:39:50 26/11/2023
After the program The New Mentor, the relationship between Ho Ngoc Ha and Huong Giang received a lot of attention from netizens. After a noisy break, the two recently had a reunion and Ho Ngoc Ha's unexpected actions attracted attention.

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DTAP: The team that created the hit "See Tinh" for Hoang Thuy Linh, making music when everything was just zero

Bảo Tiên11:54:26 26/10/2023
They are the people behind Hoang Thuy Linh's successful songs, collaborating with famous global artists. But the combination of the 3 musketeers in the beginning were just completely strange names, no one paid attention.

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Thanh Hang is pregnant with her first c.hild just one day after the wedding, what does the owner say?

Ning Jing20:25:41 24/10/2023
After only 1 day of marriage, Thanh Hang's latest series of photos have sparked rumors that the famous model in Vietnamese showbiz is pregnant with her first c.hild. At the same time, many people also think that she got married on a whim.

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Shocked at Thanh Hang's wedding menu full of delicious dishes, the wedding flowers were a million each

Juni Nguyễn13:44:30 23/10/2023
In addition to the beauty of the October bride and the huge guests, the wedding space as well as the menu and regulations of supermodel Thanh Hang's wedding are equally noteworthy.

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Pharmacist Tien was accused of creating a million-dollar show but starving the crew. The owner was upset and responded harshly

Phúc Sen10:55:15 20/10/2023
The producer of The New Mentor 2023 - Pharmacist Tien just had a post that caused a stir online, responding harshly to false rumors, accusing him of making a million-dollar show but starving and regretting his food with the crew. A series of Vietnamese stars quickly stepped in to defend.

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Close friend Pharmacist Tien criticized Le Thu Trang, was not satisfied with TNM results, hinted at the reason Nhu Van missed the Champion

Thảo Mai14:55:44 19/10/2023
The final of The New Mentor season one on the evening of October 15 ended with the victory of model Le Thu Trang and student Lan Khue. The 1st runner-up position was awarded to both Mai Ngo team Thanh Hang and Nhu Van team Ho Ngoc Ha.

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Lan Khue was 'sarcastic' about Bui Quynh Hoa and Miss Universe contest, and responded cleverly, everyone who heard it nodded.

Đức Trí10:19:08 18/10/2023
Supermodel Lan Khue - who holds the position of CEO of the company that sent Bui Quynh Hoa to compete in Miss Universe 2023, has just shared her thoughts after a series of noises from the new beauty queen. Being asked the wrong question caused Lan Khue to respond harshly, but also tactfully.

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Bui Quynh Hoa appeared after the scandal sniffing laughing balloons, happily going down the street to take pictures to compete in MU 2023?

Minh Lợi09:51:36 18/10/2023
Since being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, Miss Bui Quynh Hoa has not had any updates on her journey of training and honing her skills before competing internationally.

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Senior manager of MU Indonesia arrested for harassing contestants, Lan Khue "disowned" aunt Nga and Bui Quynh Hoa?

Hoàng Phúc14:48:50 17/10/2023
A few days ago, Kompas newspaper reported that Sarah - senior manager (COO) of Miss Universe Indonesia was suddenly arrested on October 13. The reason stems from this person being accused of harassing a contestant who reached the final round of the competition.

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Ha Ho and Thanh Hang abandoned the contestants and left immediately after the final of The New Mentor, Pharmacist Tien was questioned

Đức Trí13:50:47 17/10/2023
The trio of super mentors Ha Ho, Thanh Hang and Huong Giang shocked the audience when they were suddenly absent from The New Mentor final stage after the results were announced. Pharmacist Tien was questioned and immediately responded harshly.

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Mai Ngo caused controversy for "standing up" to Le Thu Trang: If I didn't let her stay, there would be no champion.

JLO10:59:18 17/10/2023
On the evening of October 15, the 10-episode journey of the reality TV show The New Mentor 2023 ended with the victory of model Le Thu Trang, member of the Super Mentor Lan Khue team.

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Minh Tu falls "face down" painfully in the final of The New Mentor, Lan Khue reveals secrets and attitudes after the incident

Uyển Đình09:35:07 17/10/2023
Minh Tu is one of two guests assisting Lan Khue's team's performance in the final of The New Mentor. However, an unexpected incident occurred when Minh Tu slipped and fell hard on the stage, making many audiences' hearts skip a beat.

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Pharmacist Tien was angry because he was told that Thu Trang won to gain favor and denied rumors that the results were fixed

Hướng Dương17:06:04 16/10/2023
Overcoming 8 strong opponents from other teams, model Le Thu Trang successfully won the Champion of The New Mentor 2023. However, this result is facing many controversies.

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TNM champion Le Thu Trang does not love rich people and spends all her youth taking care of her boyfriend who has cancer

Hoàng Phúc15:08:26 16/10/2023
Le Thu Trang makes many people admire her because she has a beautiful love story with model Quang Son. It is known that the couple has been together for about 3 years, experienced many events and had a strong bond.

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Champion Le Thu Trang's boyfriend suddenly appeared at the awards night just because of something no one thought of!

Gia Hoàng14:49:24 16/10/2023
It is known that Thu Trang's lover told her in advance that he would not come to the awards ceremony directly. However, his sudden action surprised everyone.

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Ha Ho revealed the moment when her "attitude showed off" when Lan Khue's team won, Lam Chau was embarrassed because she was "ignored"?

Bảo Tiên13:57:07 16/10/2023
The final stage of The New Mentor has also come to an end, besides the sublime moments, through the passing team's camera, many secrets were suddenly revealed. Ha Ho and her student are currently attracting the attention of netizens.

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