Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant

Hoàng AnhAug 09, 2022 at 09:05

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Although she knows that she is a public person, she is subject to the scrutiny of the audience, but the fact that too many people judge her private life, especially Tran Kieu An's pregnancy and childbirth, makes the actress uncomfortable. to the point of having to speak out that public opinion is infringing on her private life.

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 1

On August 8, Sina reported that Tran Kieu An posted a long article on social networks to respond to rumors of pregnancy, as well as express personal thoughts on this issue. The actress expressed her frustration when her private life was scrutinized.

The Taiwanese star shared that he was tired of constantly correcting false news that was deduced by the audience. She is even suspected of intentionally spreading private information to attract attention. According to Tran Kieu An, pregnancy is a personal matter of her husband and wife, not needing the public's attention.

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 2

"Since I got married, people are only interested in whether I'm pregnant or not. Sometimes my appearance changes due to eating a lot, accidentally touching my belly or sharing good news online, making news appear. : Tran Kieu An is pregnant. No matter what I say, I will be accused of intentionally spreading the news to correct myself. Someone maliciously said that I had a miscarriage or gave birth but did not admit it", Tran Kieu An shared.

She added: "The talk on the internet made me roll my eyes. The internet is full of monsters now. Why are they so hostile towards big women. I insist that pregnancy is not important. The most important thing in a person's life. Happiness or not is the important destination."

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 3

At the beginning of August, Tran Kieu An got pregnant when she shared the status line: "From a world of 2 people to a family of 3". Before the information spread online, the actress corrected that she and her husband were enjoying a married life and had no plans to have children.

After Tran Kieu An denied the news of her pregnancy, she received a series of criticisms for taking advantage of her private life to become the focus of the media. Some extremists also criticized the actress for not being able to give birth because 43 years old still had not given birth.

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 4

Tran Kieu An was born in 1979, was once known as the queen of Taiwanese idol movies thanks to the success of the projects Frog Prince, I Love You Destiny. She also participated in famous works such as Tieu Arrogant Gypsy, Class of Lady, Woman of the King, Cam Tu Duyen magnificent adventure...

The actress got married at the end of March. She has not held a wedding because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Recently, Tran Kieu An denied that she was unemployed, living on her husband's finances.

Alan Tang Vy Xuong, husband of Tran Kieu An is a rich man (second generation super rich) in Malaysia. Alan's parents are both famous businessmen and own many companies with a fortune of millions of dollars.

According to Chinese media, the family background of the actress's husband is well known and respected in Malaysia.

Recently, Tran Kieu An returned to the small screen after 2 years of absence with the work Meet a brilliant g.irl with Kim Han, but the film did not receive positive reviews from the audience.

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 5

The actress even had to apologize for her poor voice acting in this movie.

Accordingly, the audience commented in the film that Tran Kieu An's role is less attractive, the dialogue is emotionless, like reading an article. Many segments of the dialogue and the mouth do not match, affecting viewers' emotions.

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 6

"I feel that the voice acting part needs to be improved, because I am still inexperienced. I have not been able to find a professional teacher to guide me. Unfortunately, the voice acting does not help the character pull viewers' hearts. I definitely learn. better mixing", Tran Kieu An admits the dub is bad.

According to 163, Tran Kieu An's wrong attitude was evaluated positively. However, this also shows that many Chinese-language actors depend on professional voice actors. When the management agency requires the actor himself to voice his character, many stars face difficulties and r.eveal their flaws.

Tran Kieu An suffered a lot of malicious attacks because she was 43 years old and not pregnant - Photo 7

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