Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on?

Hoàng AnhDec 22, 2022 at 16:34

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Doan Di Bang is a name that is still receiving a lot of attention from netizens after many years of not being active in Showbiz. Besides, the 9x beauty is also admired by her full marriage with businessman husband Nguyen Quoc Vu.

A few days ago, Doan Di Bang played a game when organizing a very lavish 10th wedding anniversary party at a high-class family resort in Da Lat.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 1

On the special day, the giant woman sewed costumes, changed 2 dresses continuously, performed many rituals that brides and grooms still do such as holding a bachelor party, throwing wedding flowers, decorating. Romantic space with lots of fresh flowers,...

But the most noticeable is the statement of the h.ot mother of 3 children at the party.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 2

Standing next to her businessman husband, she choked: "This day 10 years ago, my parents and brother brought betel nut and asked to marry me with a promise that my parents would love me like my own son. But after 10 years , my parents did not keep their word. My parents loved me more than my own son."

In the clip, Doan Di Bang shared that when her parents and husband asked her to marry her, her husband's parents promised that they would love her like their own c.hild. But after 10 years, they did not keep that promise, the 9x beauty continued chokingly: "My parents love me more than my own son". It can be seen that she is extremely touched by the love that her husband's family has given her during the past time.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 3

Although this is a real "reproach", but after listening to it, any bride wants to be like Doan Di Bang. She was pampered by her husband to the fullest, loved by her parents-in-law more than her own c.hild.

After posting a few minutes on social networks, the clip quickly attracted the attention of the online community. Under the comments section, netizens did not hesitate to send many wishes to the couple:

- I wish you happiness.

- Stay safe and happy.

- I beg your pardon. Wishing you happiness forever.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 4

Before that, the giants of District 7 also had a similar rebuke to their husbands, making the sisters and sisters only wish after hearing: "This day 10 years ago, I asked my parents to take you home as my wife with the promise that I would never make me cry now.

As a result, after all this time, I cried 3 times when I gave birth to 3 children for you, swear again."

Listening to this, I can see how well CEO Nguyen Quoc Vu takes care of his wife. Because she only shed tears at the time of giving birth, the rest of the time, she was loved by her husband, so she never had to cry.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 5

At the moment, Doan Di Bang is living a very happy life with her husband and three young daughters. Although they have been married for many years, the couple's affection is still very strong when they both always share happy moments with each other on social networking sites, as well as often appear together in various events. event.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 6

Once active in the arts as a singer, Doan Di Bang, after marrying businessman Quoc Vu, retired to work as a rearguard for her husband, taking care of the family and developing her own business. The current beauty is also favored with the nickname "the giant woman in District 7" with a "terrible" fortune after many years of building a business career with her husband.

Doan Di Bang previously announced that he was building a new house for his small family. She revealed that this house was designed by designer Thai Cong and the total investment cost for the villa was up to 400 billion VND.

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 7

The famous female tycoon was not only famous for being rich, spending m.oney on branded goods or billions of dollars in cars, but also made netizens "dazzled" many times because of her real estate investments or closing orders. expensive land.

Currently, Doan Di Bang focuses on business, but still receives a lot of attention from netizens. Although she is no longer directly active in the arts, she often appears with her husband at some events or recently challenged herself as a producer of the movie "Sisters and Sisters 2".

Doan Di Bang burst into tears 'blaming' her husband's parents: What's going on? - Photo 8

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