Hang Du Muc "pushed views to close orders" like never before, helping a character earn huge sales

Thanh PhúcMay 29, 2024 at 15:31

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With charisma and professionalism in livestreaming sales, tiktoker Hang Du Muc recently helped a character close 1,000 orders in just a few minutes, the data jumped continuously like never before, everyone was stunned.

Recently, Hang Du Muc, on a business trip to Vietnam, continued to have a "huge" livestream session. In this livestream session, she combined with many other famous figures such as "dropped sister" Quang Linh Vlogs, Le Anh Nuremberg...

Notably, in this livestream session, when Hang Du Muc and Le Anh Nuoi were livestreaming and introducing products, 1,000 of Le Anh Nuoi's products were "sold out" in just a few minutes, surprising everyone. And the product this time is not the "legendary" steamed meat with shrimp paste, but... dry food.

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 1

Specifically, when Le Anh Nuoi livestreamed with Hang Du Muc, while he was introducing the dry food boxes and Hang Du Muc was trying the product, she suddenly discovered that it was... out of stock. This information immediately made Le Anh Nuoi surprised by: "1000 boxes!?" . After that, he was a little worried that there might not be enough manpower to pack and ship the goods, so he immediately checked with the crew.

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 2

Netizens watching the livestream also felt very happy and surprised. Many people joke that Le Anh Nuoi hasn't even finished introducing the product yet it's sold out, so... no more to say. So once again, the products in Hang Du Muc's livestream session achieved new records, selling out 1,000 products in just a few minutes.

Although she mainly lives and works abroad, Hang Du Muc (Nguyen Thi Thai Hang, born in 1995) is still very famous in Vietnam. At the present time, she is considered a "livestream saint" with her skillful way of speaking and selling without selling.

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 3

Hang Du Muc also achieved many achievements with livestream sales and is famous for red apple products. During each livestream session, her red apples are continuously sold in large quantities and sold out in just a "blink of an eye".

During a livestream session, she sold 2 tons of red apples in less than 1 minute. Or on another occasion, her revenue reached 817 million in just 18 minutes. She had to put her items away and temporarily stop selling because she was afraid that with a large number of orders, she wouldn't be able to send the goods in time to everyone. Many people shared that if you want to buy this product from her, you have to be quick, like "racing" because Hang Du Muc red apples always run out very quickly.

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 4

Not only is Hang Du Muc effective when selling his products, he also impresses with his closing performance for Quang Linh Vlogs. Specifically, during a livestream together, she helped Quang Linh sell nearly 3,000 Tet gift baskets in just 2 hours, leaving this YouTuber bewildered and not knowing what to say.

And because of these numbers, netizens also pay special attention to Hang Du Muc's daily life, including a full life thanks to livestream work. It is known that she married her husband 14 years older, Mr. Ton Bang (Chinese). At that time, her husband had 2 children of his own and had his own business, being the director of 2 real estate companies and 1 travel company.

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 5

After getting married, Hang Du Muc had 2 more boys, a total of 4 children. Dich Duong - one of Ton Bang's two sons - is very famous with Vietnamese netizens.

The b.oy often appears in her aunt's clips and livestream sessions, attracting attention because of his handsome appearance and cute personality. Normally Dich Duong is very humorous, sometimes teasing his aunt, but at the same time he also knows how to care for her and takes care of his youngest brother.

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 6

Currently, Hang Du Muc's entire family is living in a high-end area in a new district in Guangzhou (China) with two maids. Occasionally she also reveals some areas in the house such as the kitchen, dining table, terrace,... showing that the house is quite spacious and clean. This information and images have caused many people to joke that Hang Du Muc is actually a "rich lady".

Hang Du Muc pushed views to close orders like never before, helping a character earn huge sales - Photo 7

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