Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds

Trí Nhi Jun 16, 2024 at 13:09

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Jung Eun Ji is a female star who is no longer unfamiliar to Kpop fans, she is a member of the group Apink. Not only working in the field of singing, Eun Ji also achieved many achievements in acting.

Jung Eun Ji (born Jung Hye Rim but her mother changed her daughter's name with the hope of bringing luck to the family), is the powerful main vocalist of the girl group Apink. Jung Eun Ji possesses outstanding vocal skills and was recruited into Apink 3 months before the group debuted without going through a trainee period.

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 1

Eun Ji is considered Apink's savior in terms of singing. She has a sweet, warm voice, wide range with thick and stable high notes. Eun Ji's way of taking and holding her breath is quite good and is highly praised by experts. The weakness that Eun Ji needs to overcome is that she mixes too much head voice into the song, making the sound thinner, and also has a flaw in her singing, causing the notes to lack precision.

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 2

In 2016, Jung Eun Ji released her first solo album titled "Dream" with the title song "Hopefully Sky". The audience was especially impressed with Eun Ji's emotional voice. Jung Eun Ji successfully performed a number of soundtrack songs in many famous dramas such as: "Your my garden", "Ocean", "A love before", "Hopefully Sky", "It's You", " Break up to make up", ...

In addition to singing, Eun Ji can also compose music. In 2011, Eun Ji composed the song "Promise you" in the album "Pink Memory" to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the group's debut. The song "Hopefully Sky" in her debut solo album was also composed by Eun Ji. After that, Eun Ji continued to introduce her two new compositions "First love" and "Full moon" in her second album "The space".

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 3

Jung Eun Ji fell in love with the 7th art in the movie "Reply 1997". This is considered a masterpiece movie that attracts a large number of viewers not only in Korea but also in many other countries in the region. When it was a new project, "Reply 1997" always faced many doubts because of the young actors who didn't have much acting experience, Jung Eun Ji and Seo in Guk. Eun Ji's acting cleared up all initial doubts, emerging as a talent unearthed from this film. Eun Ji's role as Sung Siwon left many impressions in the hearts of the audience. After that, Eun Ji was trusted by directors to invite her to participate in many movies such as: That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), Trot Lovers (2014) and Sassy Go Go (2015)...

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 4

Besides her talent, Eun Ji is also famous for her past of a series of dramas. In 2020, in the radio program broadcast on February 10. Apink member interviews male announcer Do Kyung Wan. When everyone was discussing the topic "Those with long ring fingers have a high chance of having an affair", Do Kyung Wan said that she herself also has long ring fingers. It was just a joke from the male artist, but Eun Ji asked a difficult question; "I think not right now, but have you ever cheated on anyone's feelings in your life?". Do Kyung Wan was shocked and confused and replied, "No. If there was an affair, I wouldn't dare say that."

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 5

Audiences and netizens left many angry comments after the radio show ended because Do Kyung Wan is famous for his happy life with another artist. Eun Ji's innocent questioning about adultery pushed him into an awkward situation that easily caused misunderstandings. Comments: "How can she ask such a question to a happy person", "Click your tongue 7 times before speaking, this is a broadcast", "As expected There's a problem with Eun Ji's way", "Don't you use your brain to think"...

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 6

Previously, in June 2019, Eun Ji participated in the radio show Park Myung Soo's Radio Show. When asked about her impressions of newly debuted girl groups, she answered: "We were the first group to have the word 'pink' in the group name. At that time, there was also another group named APRIL debuting, the group This also has the same first letter as our group name. At that time, did you think these names would keep repeating?".

Then, she mentioned BlackPink again: "Actually, I was also worried because I thought that YG's group would follow a pure and innocent concept. But it turns out they have a very different image." Eun Ji's way of thinking was criticized for being too selfish, considering the group's name "sacrosanct". Netizens commented: "She's clearly upset with APRIL and Black Pink", "Don't think that other groups follow you just because she debuted first", "The way she talks makes me extremely uncomfortable"... .

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 7

In January 2013, she posted on Me2day (Apink's official blog at that time) two photos of herself in the car with a plastic bag containing oranges hanging outside the window. The female idol also proudly boasted that she "invented" a way to tie the bag to the window because she was afraid the oranges would be damaged when placed near the car engine: "I decided to cool the oranges with a little air." , Don't worry too much, I tied it very tightly."

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 8

Eun Ji's actions were considered too dangerous for other vehicles on the road. Netizens affirmed that the Apink member was too stupid to think of this method and even showed it off on social networks. The management company later had to apologize for Eun Ji's actions.

Eunji (Apink): Female idol accused of being superior to BlackPink, drama abounds - Photo 9

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