Trieu Vy's m.urder order was lifted, she's about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman?

Thảo MaiMar 18, 2024 at 14:59

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China Times reported that after a long period of being blocked, Trieu Vy's social network account has returned to normal and a number of typical works such as "Painted Skin" and "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" have also appeared. appears again.

In addition, on the poster of the movie "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" on Douban, Trieu Vy's image was also reused and the actress's name also appeared in the film's cast list.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 1

According to HK01, Trieu Vy is actively contacting production teams to officially return in June 2024. Before that, she was one of the top actresses in China, along with Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Xun.

Since July 2021, after "favorite chicken" Truong Triet Han was banned from broadcasting, Trieu Vy also mysteriously disappeared. She was removed from the works that made her famous such as Hoan Chau Cach, Farewell to the New River, Painted Skin, Mother Tiger, Father Cat, Kinh Hoa Yen Vu... and had her title Dai Hua Dan revoked along with some others. A.ward received.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 2

The last movie Trieu Vy participated in before she was assassinated - Tieu Man Nhan - used technology to erase her face and replace it with someone else. The movie comes out in 2023.

However, after that, she still appeared occasionally. The most recent appearance on social networks was in August 2023. Two months earlier, she appeared at Beijing airport and met fans.

On March 14, 2023, ET Today reported that, on the occasion of her 47th birthday, Trieu Vy sent her thanks to fans.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 3

"Hello everyone, this is me. I want to say thank you to all of you who were here today, who didn't leave. I received birthday wishes from you. Hope everyone will also be happy, every day is full of joy. Even though today is my birthday, I feel like it is just like any normal day. Wishing everyone good health and love", Trieu Vy share.

In November 2021, it was reported that the actress went to live abroad. However, after that, Trieu Vy appeared in her hometown in Anhui (China) and was also occasionally present in Hong Kong and Beijing (China).

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 4

According to a friend of "little swallow", this beauty from the 7X generation has been living abroad for a year now. She occasionally returns home to visit family or travel.

In September 2023, Trieu Vy's brother shared that his sister was still quite good and happy. "My sister is still very beautiful even without makeup. She has a mature demeanor, pleasant appearance and warm smile," Trieu Vy's brother said.

According to Sohu, financially, Trieu Vy is not facing difficulties. The actress owns a huge fortune, accumulated from many years of artistic activities, and her current business also brings her a stable income.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 5

Before disappearing from the Chinese entertainment industry, Trieu Vy was one of the four great stars of the Chinese screen. This female artist has fame, a famous career and a respectable fortune.

Trieu Vy is the first artist in the Chinese entertainment industry to be rated on par with the world's richest businessmen. There are reviews from investors that rank her as the female version of Warren Buffett. In 2018, the couple Trieu Vy and her husband owned assets of up to 1 billion USD. In addition to businesses in China, they also have farms in France and specialize in wine production. According to Sina, the 4 wineries of the "little swallow" couple in France have an estimated value of nearly 51 million USD.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 6

However, Trieu Vy's married life is currently a mystery to the public.

According to Sohu, the relationship between Trieu Vy and businessman Huynh Huu Long has been broken since 2018 and they have lived separately for a long time. Currently, they have completed the divorce procedure and according to the agreement, their only daughter will live with her father abroad.

In October, when Huynh Huu Long's father passed away, Trieu Vy's name was still on the list of family members, but she did not attend the funeral. According to Sina, because the divorce procedure has not been completed, Trieu Vy is still considered the Huynh family's daughter-in-law.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 7

According to Sina, Trieu Vy is in a relationship with a younger man who often picks her up at the airport. Previously, the "little swallow" was seen h.anging out with her younger boyfriend, Kha Duc Danh, but this relationship was not confirmed by either side.

Currently, she spends a lot of time meditating and studying Buddhism to find mental peace. She also participates in charity activities quietly. In March 2022, she donated more than 37,000 USD to the Community Welfare Fund to support leukemia patients in China in the name of her daughter.

Trieu Vys m.urder order was lifted, shes about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman? - Photo 8

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