The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1

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Until the next appointment, after the beauty contests one by one found the Miss for the new season, fans are eagerly waiting for the owner of two extremely attractive titles that are Timeless Beauty and Miss of the World. Misses voted by 2 beauty experts.

Accordingly, after finding the Top 20 and Top 10, the jury announced the ranking of the Timeless Beauty a.ward system. Up to this point, 4th place belonged to Amanda Dudamel - runner-up Miss Universe 2022, 3rd place belonged to R'bonney Gabriel - reigning Miss Universe.

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 1

This also means that the two big sisters at Miss Universe 2022 are not the choice of beauty experts for the title of Timeless Beauty 2022. The representative of Vietnam is Kim Duyen - 2nd runner-up Miss Supranational 2022. Top 20.

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 2

The battle to find the winner is still going on, beauty fans are eagerly waiting for which g.irl will be honored. The jury of this race includes former beauty queens, famous beauty experts in the world who have to strain their brains to find the g.irl worthy of the "noble" titles.

Unlike previous seasons that were affected by Covid-19, last year all competitions in the Timeless Beauty system were held, so this year's awards are quite popular with beauty fans.

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 3

In another development, while the incumbent Miss Universe received a humiliating ending, the "daughter" Mr. Nawat again declared "Miss Grand is the best contest" beauty fans hotly debated.

Specifically, recently, Miss Peace Colombia 2023 - María Alejandra López Pérez made a statement that caught the attention of the global beauty fan community. Specifically, Thai fans sent María the question: Why did you decide you want to compete in the Miss Grand contest?.

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 4

Immediately, the beauty replied, "Because of Miss Grand International, if it's not the best contest now, it will sooner or later. And I feel in line with the peaceful philosophy of life. exam - that's my spiritual nature.

I see the competition growing and admire it, so I want to contribute to help it grow. This contest deserves to be the biggest and it will be, I love it so much and love all the Miss Grand International beauty queens. And this was really more convincing when I met Lees Garcia (Miss Grand 2014), Isabella Menin (Miss Grand 2022) and Mother Teresa (Vice President). It's real family."

After this reply, mixed opinions appeared to criticize María Alejandra López Pérez's statement. In terms of age, Miss Grand International is an international "late birth" beauty arena founded by Thai people. This playground has only held 11 seasons since 2013, far behind Miss World and Miss Universe.

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 5

Not to mention, the message of the contest is contrary to the working rules and ideals of the president. Mr. Nawat often attacks Miss Universe (Miss Universe) just because of the old competition scandals. Even in the final night of Miss Grand International 2022, this president bluntly "dethroned" the opponent's logo on the trailer and was released worldwide. Many people have strongly protested about the prestige of the contest because they think that the "ruler" is too stupid.

Even Miss Universe 2011 once affirmed that the Miss Grand International contest was a circus on her personal page as follows:

"We will never support this circus, where the president has the right to decide who will stand next to him in the group photo, as well as publicly support the representative of his country.

We can't believe he can confirm who will win and who will be in the top before the finals take place. Last year, when the top 5 representatives were responding to their behavior, he always seemed to be discriminating against LGBT people, only worried about laughing and joking with the staff without caring what the girls said. Stop watching this contest, don't embarrass yourself like that."

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 6

Besides, Miss Grand International has not really grown up in South America and North America like Miss Universe and Miss World. Not to mention, last year, many contestants from Africa expressed their grievances against Mr. Nawat and Mrs. Teresa. Worse still, the South African country director also expressed disappointment and did not want to send a representative to Miss Grand. Because, Mr. Nawat has been accused of having an attitude of not caring about girls coming to this continent just because the economy is still weak, it is difficult to develop the future of Miss Grand International if awarded with high prizes.

The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1 - Photo 7

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