Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded

KrantFeb 18, 2023 at 19:18

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On February 17, Sina released a series of photos of actress Diep Tuyen on the livestream, which received much public attention. Besides, the once beautiful TVB was also reacted by the audience when there were ungainly actions when interacting with fans.

Accordingly, during livestreams, Diep Tuyen often wears a tight-fitting thermal shirt. But her b.ody is not very slim, r.evealing her fat belly. This sloppy way of dressing the actress received a lot of mixed opinions, many viewers suggested that the actress edit it more carefully, but she did not accept the modification.

Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded - Photo 1

In addition, the actress also often appears with a bare face, with her hair tied on both sides in a grotesque manner. Diep Tuyen often does many weird actions such as picking his nose, eating a box of durians and making silly facial expressions while livestreaming. Above all, the beauty born in 1980 made many viewers blush when she casually put her hands in her pants to adjust her outfit in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers watching on the channel.

Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded - Photo 2

Immediately after posting, the images of Diep Tuyen received great attention from the community. According to HK01, Diep Tuyen intentionally had some unusual behavior to attract attention, in order to improve interaction for his broadcasts. However, because of that, she trades the reputation and image of an artist.

Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded - Photo 3

On the fan side, some found her intimacy humorous. For the rest, they expressed their disappointment, saying that Diep Tuyen's above behavior was somewhat offensive and exaggerated to be famous. A series of Chinese netizens left comments: "What's wrong with Diep Tuyen?", "My youth idol... what a pity!", "Has she gone this c.razy, is this real? making me feel uncomfortable"...

It is known that this is not the first time Diep Tuyen has acted strangely. The actress also does things like pick her nose, grab her toes, and trim her nails during other live streams.

Diep Tuyen was born in 1980, the actress used to be the top beauty of TVB in the years 1990-2000. She once attended Miss Overseas Chinese in New York - the largest Chinese beauty contest in the US and won 2nd runner-up.

However, when the Miss of that year refused to represent the Miss Overseas Chinese International contest, and the 1st runner-up also refused the title, she reluctantly became the selected contestant to come to the beauty arena. this color. Thanks to w.inning the crown at the Miss Overseas Chinese International contest, from here, she entered the entertainment industry and fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an actress.

Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded - Photo 4

In 1999, Diep Tuyen joined TVB and had her first film, Phong Than Bang, in collaboration with Tran Hao Dan. Thanks to a series of hit TV series such as "Beautiful Life", "The First Heaven", she became one of TVB's most popular celebrities at that time.

Some other outstanding films of Diep Tuyen can be mentioned such as Manh Le Quan (co-starring with Lam Phong), Invincible, Thiet hearing Phong Van, Thien Ha First Sword, Quoc Sac Thien Huong (2011), The Woman Out of Funds (2011), The King of Herbs, The 9th Widow, The Charming Tu Da, A Beautiful Life...

Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded - Photo 5

After leaving TVB, the career of this beauty did not prosper and was constantly involved in many private scandals. Among them is the "small tam" scandal that interferes with the relationship between Huo Kien Hoa and Lam Tam Nhu. This incident also caused the actress to receive many criticisms and serious points in the public eye.

At that time, the couple Hoa - Nhu developed feelings after collaborating in Tinh The Hoang Phi. But after a while, paparazzi got a series of photos of Huo Kien Hoa hand in hand with Diep Tuyen. Make her fans not disappointed.

In addition, Diep Tuyen also repeatedly publicized secrets in the entertainment world that made her colleagues not want to contact her. In 2014, Diep Tuyen was criticized for letting her dog bite her co-star Ly Y Hieu.

Recently, the actress has joined the wave of live-streaming artists selling Chinese goods and increasingly making her image plummet.

Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded - Photo 6

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